Spotting in DCS

Hey guys!

I think I need some technical assistance. Is there any particular tips and tricks what is the best graphics setup for improving spotting in DCS?
Yesterday we had a nice short flight with Storm, and I discovered that even thoug I knew where I should look, I was not able to spot the boogies Storm picked up, I was “no joy” on them until the Last few hundred meters.
Any assistance would be really appriciated.
I have graphics set to high preset and I play in 1440p resolution.
Thank you in advance!

check this thread

the first post is ita plus english

it’s a test mission you can try to check how are your settings affecting the contact spotting.

then it’s a trial and error
main problems are high resolution and antialiasing techniques that blur dots…

Thank you Jimmy, it will be my first thing after getting home!

The answer is simple, You need to switch (at least in MP) to 1080p.
Then a “new wolrd of spotting” will come to life :slight_smile: Actually the spotting in DCS is bad, the LOD system is bad and so the top players on MP server switch their resolution to 1080p, the only one that give You a decent spotting range.
I play normally a 1440p and, even if it was the last thing that I wanna do, after months of swearing and cursing cause I was pratically blind respect to others who stay at 1080p, I decided that every time I will play MP I will switch resolution.

…or surrender to the idea of being shot down by someone you’ll never know where did come from, but enjoying veeeeeery nice views meanwhile :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sweat_smile:

or enjoy @EAF51_RomanPolansky that has a res of 640x480 without grass and clouds just to collect points! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’m also on 1440, and yes, I’m at least half blind most of the time. :frowning:
But I’m not hot on the idea of flying on less than native resolution on my screen, so I figure I’ll continue to be half blind, but in a more beautiful world at least.

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As for comparision here are two screen shot taken from my 2k visual and from Polansky visual.

Mine (2k all maxed out) above Cherbourg:

Polansky (480p all off) above St. Croix


I’ve found some threads in forums stating fxaa causes most of the issues, rolling only with msaa can help, also I was thinking on setting up an nvidia filter to improve contrast, maybe i will give that a try too. Will let you guys know if I step on something that works.

Absolutely no FSSA and MSAA max to 2x.
Effectively AA will try to render less jagged every slanted surface…so a far contac of about three pixel will be corrected by any form of AA in a matrix 6x6 gray pixels, effectively disappearing it from the screen.

Is there any difference between the two pics? :laughing:

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The clouds… :rofl:

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Ah, yeah, you’re right! :smiley:


i can spot everything up to 50km range (which is when the spots start to get drown so you can spot) except good graphics XD, any ground target at that range as well


Roman, this screen is bullshit and You know it…
This is Your screen:

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It is like a screenshot from FS 4.0, 1993/4

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e nell’immagine sotto un bandit a 20 miglia. :rofl:


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Magari vederlo così io! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

sarà un 109 o un P51? :slight_smile:

tu spari e poi lo impari dopo.