Where do I start with BoS?

Any help appreciated.

Just installed BoS standard edition, TIR5 and my old Thrustmaster single stick joystick. But there’s no tutorial with the game on how to get started. Any suggestions where to go to get all the basics sorted?

I did find a load of videos by Requiem which I might look at, probably looking at working towards the Yak1B for dogfighting in OTU’s upcoming team competition but I haven’t bought that yet, so have the LaGG 3 and Yak 1 to “get back on the bike” for now.



Hey Joe, where you going with that gun?

Happy to see that you’re getting into the pit again.
Buy the Yak1b as it’s a nice plane. Also get the Fw190A3.
I can help you, if you can get online during the morning , midday hours.
Just let me know.
Controls are easy to set up.


Hi Joe

I recommend using the list for Cod which you can see on the EAFWiki.
You need radiator keys for the following in that priority:
[li]Water radiator[/li][li]Oil radiator[/li][li]Forward cowl flaps (I think)[/li][li]Back cowl flaps[/li][/ol]

You also need to be aware that pitch trim are controlled differently in some aircrafts.
Due to this, you need to assign a set of buttons for each type (trim taps which are wheel controlled, Electric controlled and etc) So if your elevator trim does not work, you forgot for this type of aircraft :furios2:

Aircraft Flight and Technical Specifications and Operational Details
Click on the spoiler button to get the pilot notes.

A basic guide to CEM & key-mapping for new starters

BOM Cockpits and Operation Quick Guide

IL2 User Manual

…and you can always book an appointment with your friendly Training Officer. The OTU boss have some time to spare this saturday and sunday :wink:

Thanks Apollo, Starfire, I’ll hopefully take you up on the offer sometime over Christmas :smiley:

Red gave me a good intro last night at least to figure out what controls are needed to fly Russian aircraft and a quick jaunt on Starfire’s server, though I did struggle a LOT on taxiing, lol. Flying’s OK, just like riding a bike but will surely need more ACM practice.

Some excellent resources there, thanks Starfire, especially the cockpit guide.

I’m just a bit wary on having to learn different controls and CEM for each aircraft so I’ll probable spend time offline getting to grips with the Yak that came with the game, then maybe move onto the 109 F4 before deciding what to buy. I gather from red that we are flying a lot for Blue at the moment, especially as 51 love their Macchis :cool:

Doers that sound like a plan, or would you suggest anything better, like going straight for the 190A3 or Yak1b?

PS do we always start with engines warmed up or will I have to learn the full start up from cold for every aircraft? :confused:

You won’t ever be able to start the engine yourself, but the server administrator can choose the disabled pre-warmed engines.

Hi, any of you free for some training on Sat or Sun early afternoon (GMT)? It’s quite a steep learning curve to get to grips with CEM and some pointers would help me get up that curve.

I’m fairly happy with controls for the Yak 1, but not quite sure how best to balance throttle/rpm/prop pitch/oil rad/water rad.

The 109 F4 seems alien to me! Again, what’s the best way to work with throttle/rpm and normal/combat power and how do I keep it cool or is best to leave all that on auto? And how does prop pitch work, or leave that on auto too?

As for flying and dogfighting, the few shots I’ve had on that have been a dream. It really feels like I’m flying compared to other sims. Even though I have very little experience of actually flying in real life, this is what I imagine it would be like :cool:


Afraid not, until Sunday night.

I’ll be going out with the boys tomorrow, Saturday.
But I’m available Sunday early and all day.

I can fly Joe Somtime around 1500 CET saturday

That would be great, Starfire, see you on TS at 3pm CET/2pm GMT then.

Thanks for checking in too, OD and Apollo. Hopefully Starfire will give me the info I need for now so I can get more offline practice in before going live.

Hi Joe.

I’ll be available to help with whatever you need today. We can just have some fun and get you used to the sim.

Ay, Joe!! Great to hear from you again! We should pair up both our incompetence in BoS and see if that adds up to anything. :o I will need re-training sessions with Apollo and Starfire too.

Hey Stuntman, good to see you back flying as well, I didn’t even realise you were away too. :banana::banana:

Really looking forward to getting into the IL2 again, as I’m sure you are! For now just getting a grip of the basics and had a couple of good sessions with Red and Starfire.

Not sure yet what to fly for the upcoming tournament, Yak, 109 or 190…or IL2 with a rear gunner :cool: Any thoughts? Would be cool to pair up for sure.

If you are up for the IL-2 then I am as well. I was going for IL-2, but that would leave my eventual wingman helpless, so I opted for I-16 as the second best to die in. :roflmao:

I’m waiting for a new IR Clip that hopefully arrives in two weeks, then I will be flying again.

haha, I was joking…it would be a quick death, even if fun. Or how about a couple of He111’s, we fly in very tight formation, jump into our rear gunner and wait for the nippers to try and take us out :bootyshk:


errrr what about Lend-Lease Beaufighters!

Hey Joe! (insert guitar riff here)

I am also omstly grounded, but think maybe I can fly tonoight, so you will have anotehr old rusty hand next to you.

Here’s what happens when you do that…
We got quite adept at blasting them out of the sky!

lol OD, you haven’t seen our rear gunner action yet. Though I’d prefer a Betty with 20mm in the tail :rolleyes:

Hola Nepe! Yep, I am here with a gun in my hand…same old joke again and again :stuck_out_tongue: How you doing?

It would be great to fly with you again soon, but I don’t think I can get on tonight. I don’t even know how regular everyone flies and if the Mon/Thu flying nights are a thing of the past. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of old and new faces if the interest continues in BoX.