Swastika to be banned???

Hmmmm interesting


Hmm. Interesting indeed.

I remember the first time I passed some indian place and saw the swastika symbol, I was shocked. It was the first time I discovered that this symbol was not just a 3rd Reich thing.

Isn’t the nazi swastika pointing in the wrong direction? IIRC it should be pointing the other way to be “a symbol of peace”, but I might be wrong.

I have a hard time seeing how banning it would make anything better.

I thought the original one was the mirror opposite to the nazi one ?
IE the original had legs coming off in an anti-clockwise direction, I seem to recall reading/hearing somewere that hitler reversed it, or am I mistaken ?

Edit Mikke beat me to it :slight_smile:

The main difference is that the original symbol was laying plain, and not with that 45° inclination.

The horizontal swastika was used also by the Maya in Peru, and by the Aztechs in Mexico. That’s why silly Adolf sent a scientific/military expedition in South America, in the 30s…:wink:

Nazi “mystic philosophy” was fully obsessed with symbols, taken from here and there, desperately looking for something in the Past (Celtic Runes included…we have some 3000 years old left, on some Menhir in the Brescia Province, by the way), to justify its horrible existence; its 11 years’ older cousin, Fascism, had a much easier duty, taking inspiration form the splendours of the Roman Republic & Empire…:rolleyes: : Fasces, above all…then Eagles, Laurel wreaths, domination of the Mediterranean, educating the Vikings…and as crappy Benito once said, “To turn that small island of sheperds…in an holiday resort for our Roman youth!” :eek:

…guess which island he was talking about? :roflmao:

Had the Finnish aeronautics the swastika too, or am I mistaken?

What! Britain as a holiday resort for Italians??? Why would you choose to relax in the British climate instead of Italy? Further evidence of the incompetence of the fascist leaders, I think… :stuck_out_tongue:

The Finnish symbol looks like a swastika, but isn’t - it’s horizontal, not at 450°, and it might be a mirror image of the swastika (I’m not sure). It was the personal crest of the Finnish noble who set up the Finnish Air Force, I think.

Yup, quite right, except count von Rosen was actually a Swede. :smiley:

“To turn that small island of sheperds…in an holiday resort for our Roman youth!”

Wales is a peninsular not an island


He probably meant Anglesey. Not the sharpest card, was Benito

When I was walking round Ostia Antica (Ancient Rome’s old port) I noticed swastikas in the floor mosaics. I’m not entirely certain why, but it suggests trade links with Indian peoples who used it.

Yes, Marsh…I’m afraid the Romans were the ones who started this tradition of ours, of being & tampering almost everywhere…:smiley:

I still recall remnants of Roman Merchant ships & pottery even in Tintagel Castle, in Cornwall…even good old Merlin got annoyed by fxxxxng Italian salesmen!!!:roflmao:

As far as the Nazi symbols’ ban is concerned, I personally think they should be allowed, when Historically correct: Museums, model aircraft (these are banned already in Germany), playing the Baddies to entertain our UK Friends :wink: , etc…

Nevertheless, watching young people performing the Nazi/Fascist salute in Russia, Germany, Italy, etc…really gives me the shivers…:mad:

By the way, any form of Fascist reminiscence (salute, banners, flags, any paraphernalia, etc.) is forbidden by law, here in Italy…but nobody cares, even Authorities!

I just quote an episode happened a couple of years ago: a famous Comedian of ours was performing a satyrical/sad monologue act, in a Milan Theatre…subject was the torment of a young RSI Black Brigades Trooper, for the horrors he was forced to commit against Civilians. Well, he started receiving black mail, and was eventually warned to death by a number of anonymous telephone calls. A Political (they call it Anti-terrorism, now) Police (DIGOS) Officer came to the theatre, in order to collect evidence.
“Don’t worry, Sir…we’re already on our way to neutralize all these guys!” he said…In that very moment, a cell phone started ringing, with a personalized tune…“Giovinezza, giovinezza…” (the old Fascist Party Hymn)!

The cellphone was the Officer’s one…:eek:

Interesting, MonsTTer :slight_smile:

What can you say about young people like that? I expect it comes from boredom and lack of opportunities and wanting to be ‘part of something’ (much as it was in the '30s). In England they’re less organised - they just play truant and get drunk :rolleyes:

I can see why symbology gets banned immediately after a conflict, but 60 years later seems a little pointless. I don’t think we’re on the verge of a European neo-nazi revolution, seems more lack a general trend of banning any kind of political / religious symbology on the off chance someone somewhere mioght take offense (which is a highway to nothing, as these days people take offense at anything :slight_smile: ).

As they say on South Park; Dude, lighten up :slight_smile:

The horizontal swastika was used also by the Maya in Peru, and by the Aztechs in Mexico. That’s why silly Adolf sent a scientific/military expedition in South America, in the 30s…

If this is true I thought they said it was a peaceful symbol? If my memory serves me right I dont recall the Aztecs and the Mayans being the standard of a peaceful culture, unless you would concider Human sacrifice an everyday duty?
Oh yea, we are talking Hitler here… :rolleyes:

Pre WW2, some RAF aircraft wore the Swastika Symbol. Sometimes as a good luck charm, and sometimes as sign they were flying in India.

This was posted over at UBI a while back:


Yeah, Osprey, you’re damned right, but…consider the relativity of the word “Peaceful” throughout the Ages…:wink:

They were more peaceful than the Spanish that massacred them, anyway…

And, just to remain within last century…think about our Marshall Graziani, gassing Lybian & Abyssinian tribes…they just were so primitive… :smiley:

This brings to my mind one of Italy’s still unbeaten Aviation records: the very first air bombing in history (dropping hand grenades from a Bleriot airplane during the 1912 Lybian War)…:eek:

What I have heard, “swastika” is as old as the “Milky Way”

In India it is an old Astrological sign, that you get when you rotate the

constillation “Karlawagon” in the sky.

I think, its refered in the Veda Scriptures as an Ancient Holy Symbol.

All can F-c… whatever up, while the Eons passes by.


Interesting - it has the clockwise, 45° swastika on the tail, but the anticlockwise, 45° swastika on the centre section… it’s rather disconcerting image…

I heard that the only reason the RAF didn’t use gas-bombs against rebelling Iraqis during the 1920s occupation/liberation was that the bombs weren’t ready on time. Rather saddening to remember, I think.

The svastika and and other german simbol of WW2 as SS are Rune, nordic people must know this

I am pritty sure you are quite right on that one Mikke. I saw something about that a long time ago on a Discovery program if my memory serves me well.


Pratts!.. Don’t these politicians get it?.. If you ban something you just push it further underground, and make it more popular and appealing.:mad:
(history set to repeat itself…again)