Spitfire "Clipped" MK Vb I.R. Gleed

In memory of the 244st Squadron Wing Commander


…but made & dedicate to another One: our EAF51_Jimmi…
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To be correct he was commander of 244 Wing which included 92 Sqdn RAF, 601 Sqdn RAF, 1 Sqdn SAAF, 145 Sqdn RCAF, 417 Sqdn RCAF all on Spitfires. Gleed flew with 145 Sqdn for familiarisation with tactics before become Wing leader. It is interesting to note that on his aircraft he had the triangular pennant of a Sqdn Leader (port cockpit).
I give Dedalo some artistic licence for the picture which shows a MkIXe with broad chord rudder and long Vokes filter. Gleed flew a MkVbT.

Thank you very much Topsy for your very useful information. It is always a pleasure and an honour to receive advice from an experts like You. It helps to grow and improve and enrich the historical knowledge that distinguish the world of aviation.

Sharing a passion is what it’s all about. You make fantastic models, I make replica flying controls. Keep up the good work. S!

Nice one!

Is this the Tamiya or the Hasegawa model?

I think you can still visit my model in the old forum, this very same aircraft, only not as good as yours.

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