Rift S Review

I’m hoping to write a review over the weekend based on my first week of use. So far I will say I am very impressed and would recommend it over the original Rift. I’ll leave it at that for now, watch this space!

Thnaks OD, I am interested

Have you seen this review?

that’s one of the few I have not watch yet, but it is on my list :slight_smile:

I’ll try and get my review written up tonight :slight_smile:

Great! cause I am really tempted to press the Buy button right now

469€ in AMazon

though I need to spice up my graphics card, ans probably motherboard and cpu too :frowning:

Edit: I just run the tool from Oculus and my PC is capable of running Rift-s…now, is that the same as running it well?

Depends what your system is, what are the specs?

MSI Z97M-G43
Intel i5-4670k
Crucial Ballistix 16GB DDR3
HP ZR24W 1900x1200
Enermax MOD82+ 625W
Crucial M4 64GB SSD
Crucial M4 128GB SSD
Intel 256MB SSD

Thrustmaster Warthog
Hoffman pedals
TrackIR 5

Win10 Home 64 bit

Thanks OD

Basically, I will buy a VR headset. My only question is which one.

Without an upgrade you’ll be able to run it, but it won’t be great. You’re about at the minimum specs. Rift S will work, but it won’t be optimum. I ran the original Rift with a 970 for a while, it was ok as an introduction, the 1070 was a good step up and the 1080Ti has been perfect.

I was running the same generation i7 as well. I’d suggest an upgrade of your PC first and use the kind of headset you want to decide what specs you go for. Rift S is absolutely fine in the simulators and I am more than happy with it :slight_smile:


Yep, I very much supposed I had to upgrade. Still, if I am not playing 4k, is there a cheaper alternative to the 1080ti?

Any suggestion about whats the best value for money cpu at the moment?

Sorry for so many questions, I guess I havent really been looking at the technology since 2015 :slight_smile:

The 1070 will run both DCS and BoX fine, Jimmi got a 2070. You’ll want more RAM ideally as well. I don’t know what the i5 will be like. You could maybe just start with the GPU and see how you get on.

how many ghz the CPU Nepe??
if it’s overclocked to 4,7+ i don’t think you’ll have big gains by upgrading it! Or not the priority!
Better to save for a beefier GPU!

my suggestion for VR for you would be:
GPU 2070 - 1080ti or more…
consider VR is similar to gaming in 4k
Rift S for example runs at 2,560 by 1,440 resolution (2k is 2048×1080 while 4k is 3840 x 2160 pixels)

check cpu reviews you’ll see big differences at low resolution and very few differences at 4k where the gpu is the bottleneck! So 1st a cpu that’s just good enough to feed enough work to the gpu and then a huge gpu…

i’m nor fond of Facebook and Oculus but Rift S seems good and affordable…
HP reverb offers a much higher resolution but have still to see some Flight Sim review
Valve index should be the best but it’s super pricey…

AMD is releasing next Ryzen Generation in July! they should go very well and much cheaper than intel! (right now i have a ryzen 2700x and happy with it! 3700x or 3800x should do wonders)

so my advice!

  1. GPU
  2. VR
  3. if needed CPU (and since you’re upgrading it 32gb 3200mhz ram)

What Jimmi says. You may get a bottleneck with the processor though, I did notice an improvement with the same GPU but the latest generation i7; I didn’t buy the 1080Ti for a few months after I put the new PC together.

Thanks guys!

My cpu is an i5 4670k ocked to 3.8.

Since many years ago I get hiccups in DCS every 15 secs, never knew what is responsible or that.

In any case, I’ll follow your advice guys. Let’s get a GPUs first and see how it goes. Right now I’m leaning towards a rtx 2080, around 750euros. I don’t upgrade every couple years, so better get a last gen card.

VR…tough decision. The valve index is a no, I don’t want external cameras. Between rift and hp I was thinking rift, yet this review got me thinking:

With a 2080 you’ll get some bottlenecking with your CPU. I think going that far you’re looking at a full rebuild. I’ve watched a few reviews on the Reverb and I’m not sold on it. I do want to be able to use my headset for other things at times, the Reverb is still Windows Mixed Reality and it’s behind the Rift and the HTC offerings as a result. The Valve Index will be really good, I have no doubt, but it is way too expensive.

Mmmm WMR headsets works fine believe me!
Also a second hand samsung odyssey + could be a good idea!

Agree on a total rebuild of the system tough…

Nepe You don’t have enough mhz on the cpu!
You’ll get low framerates with the gpu idling at 30% usage… cpu will not feed enough frames to gpu to process…

@Nepe_EAF51 In the video you posted you can see he’s using a super coll app lower left corner
It’s called sream fps vr and is great to check your fps while in VR
If you check it it’s showing 2 graphs the lower one is cpu frametime…
Ideally you want to stick below 10… with 12 being acceptable and 14 starting being laggy…
Once you’re below 10 you’re ok cpu wise… and you just need the beefier gpu you can afford!

It’s fine, but is got shortcomings compared to even the original Rift and the hand controllers are widely acknowledged to be the worst, with oculus seen as the best - up until the Index controllers come out. It’s the hand tracking that becomes an issue as you can’t track hands that aren’t in front of the headset.

Seen another review of the Reverb focused on DCS World and they say it is the benchmark now. I’m still happy with my Rift S, and would recommend it, but if you’re just going to be simming then the Reverb is certainly sounding as though it is worth a hard look.

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That is the impression I am getting from youtubers. If you stay seated in your games, Reverb is really nice. If you stay up and move, not so much.

That’s what I am picking up. I want that extra versatility and the ability to play other games. I also don’t want over the ear sound, so I can listen to other stuff that is going on and use my speakers; means the headset is just used for comms.