Red Orchestra: enlistment

Recommended Red Orchestra servers and assembly points

Im playing always on this server also with 51 m8s…very nice and many new maps!

Seyou EAF51
F/O, Wing Op. Officier




EGF_PeeGee here. Or even -=EGF=-PeeGee in my more frivolous moments.

TS is vital. Without it, either explain to your driver that WW2 tanks don’t have gun stabilisers, or program a key for “STOP THE BLOODY TANK”

Once they get the ZA stuff fixed, I’ll be up and running :slight_smile:

Should be EAF_MadDog or Lancelot or Oystein. :slight_smile:


I’ll have to get this - looks like too much fun :slight_smile:

Did you guys just d/l Steam and then pay over the internet for the actual game download to start? (not sure I like the idea of not holding the box in my hand :frowning: ) I notice from Peegee’s post in the other room it requires a bit of patience :slight_smile:

I’ve only had a quick glimpse Marsh and a toddle across the terrain. It reminds me of OFP, plenty fighting room so less chokepoints

Yes I’ve got Steam installed as you have (had?) for HL2, you just find the Steam folder :slight_smile: and start up Steam, hit the button and buy it online. Then you just do the same as all the other Steam games. Leave the computer on overnight for the download :slight_smile:

You had problems with HL2 so expect the same problems I should think, sounds machine-specific to you and PeeGee and others I’ve had no problems at all so it can’t be a fundamentally-Steam problem maybe?

Euroforces (I think it is) has problems with IE7 I saw somewhere so try Firefox perhaps for downloading/purchasing etc?

Clunkiness I was watching for and praying (it’s WW2!! lol) and RO does not appear to be clunky from a quick look. The original was dire on my machine, really looked legacy. This one looks gorgeous and feels very good in a vehicle with inertia modelled and so on


You guys are into RO now? Its a great game and I loved playing it, but got really annoyed with some childish stuff on the net and it wasnt much fun not having any real team members to work with, but no one seemed into it at the time… Much more realistic than any other FPS I`ve seen, except for Swat4 and exp (which is also an excellent cop-sim).

I`ll see if I can dig 2004 out and join up!

It’s got some limitations Peacemaker after trying it online yesterday, moving around is weird and that’s a fairly basic one on the list. Hugely moddable though I think so no worries on that - but I think of one of those ingame-moments: from Band of Brothers when one of the NPC Germans actually vaulted over a fence. I had to shoot him but I was genuinely admiring him for a moment :slight_smile: There’s a famous film snippet in one of the Battlefield/generic war docs where a German infantryman’s doing the same. In RO it’s mud everywhere and sticky boots apparently :slight_smile:

But I know from experience that quick looks aren’t much use so I stayed in.

The slow pace and the large battlefields seems to work well after the firefights kick off, very nice and few chokepoints. Pinned down there was a real feeling of mounting panic. Flanking right out of Band of Brothers. No rushing around like chickens - well you can’t really so that’ll keep the kids out maybe. No spamming chatlines, no chatline aggro. People were concentrating. Teamkills but chatline sorries too. One moron only teamkilling everything in sight hey ho. Team-handed we’d sort that out :slight_smile:

Teamwork seems to be well set up with VOIP but I could only hear one US guy in startling clarity, maybe he was team leader? “Head east it’s the Eastern Front” “Go on really why am I in a Russian battledress then?” Anyway I stuck with him on respawning covering him but he kept trying to shake me off lol I think we are talking “Teamwork will need time to bed down” :slight_smile:

He’d call for a machine gunner every time he respawned and I’d jump in. Couldn’t see a thing just a tiny vertical slot for suppression. Which pleased me no end to be honest, very realistic it seemed. But he’d turn it over every time going up slopes and he’d run away and I’d be struggling out from under with potato mashers coming in. Marvellous :slight_smile:

I have the slight problem of deciding to play that or BF2 which is absolutely miraculous on a high-end machine and I’m not allowed to talk about it :slight_smile: but I’d much rather play ice-hockey <wet, cold, broken nose> in a team than F1 <champagne, pit Babes> in a team of what appears to be blokes from Devon. Something about the West Country and big explosions :slight_smile:

Definitely more a sim is RO than a game. Much more fun weapons-wise than CoD2 but a different type of fun, more satisfying perhaps where CoD2-blasting-away is fun fun er, fun all the way - but WW2 is the Ace of Spades. The Final Trump :slight_smile:

Reasonable blend of OFP and America’s Army is RO I’d say once you learn all the key commands. Not too much close-quarters stuff until they get some better soldier animations in there but I prefer more considered longer-range firefights anyway where you find fix etc. Cries out for squad-working and not rushing off into the unfriendly distance the minute you’ve respawned. Bit like FB then :slight_smile:


You guys seem to be having great fun with RO
I haven’t played a FPS for ages (years?) - now is it worth forking out my hard-earned to give it a go?

I like it tremendously. It’s got issues, some more serious than others. I would definitely say it’s a game for enthusiasts - if you want a super slick big software company release then this isn’t for you.

If you use Zone Alarm, then forget it until they fix the issue, or the box version comes out. Otherwise, I would say it is well worth the (low) purchase price to give it a go.

I think i will have to get this game on payday,since i am a tank crewman i belive i could give usefull tactics for tank warfare and if were not using tanks im still good as a human sheild :smiley:

Just finished von Luck’s ‘Panzer Commander’ - really good and should be required reading for all young people. How to be an honourable man fighting on the wrong side he finds later in the war. Strong loyal men abused by bad leaders who take advantage of the military code for their own sinister ends. Poor bloody infantry always gets the blame.

And at the end of the book this morning drat - there’s a coda from one of his comrades who was taken prisoner right away after the Normandy landings. His comrade-in-arms describes the massive bombing that chewed up the ground and how they filtered quietly away and disengaged and they’re crouching low moving along ditches-

And I realised that as I’m reading it I’m seeing in my mind’s eye both Brothers-In-Arms and Red Orchestra. Both have that creeping around trying to stay alive, foxhole to foxhole, trying to link up with comrades, hunkering down on arty thing

So it’s got something for sure :slight_smile:

BIA was ok but had those immersion-killing chokepoints where we were promised the whole of Normandy to move around in. Just a tiny bit at any one time they forgot to mention that. I’m not bitter though :slight_smile:

PeeGee on audio I advise (if you’re into that stuff - simulated battlefield audio) you to get the demo of Battlefield2 and just sit in the middle of a battle or at least a firefight. Because you talked about RO being quiet <cocks ear> yep it is very quiet I’ve noticed - I listened more attentively in BF2 than I usually do and went to more spots to sample the audio goodness. Unbelievable. A jet flies low 30ft over my head and the shadow passes over me and the down-to 20Hz (headphones!) of the engine… blimey roaring, then I pop my head up and I’m hearing crickets and birdsong, little rustlings. Trucks going by as you’re in cover you should hear it :slight_smile: - huge dynamic range the audio in there and maybe at least 32 channels of really solid-mixed directional audio 20Hz-15KHz. Plucking sounds of your battledress as a round snags it going past. Body armour catching one unnnhhh :slight_smile:


…I got it yesterday…used for an hour…then i tought…il2 plus this game…ill get a divorce soon!!!:eek:
First impression is amazing…difficult to hit…the sniper is not one shot one kill…(onestly i didnt hit anything with that:( …)…tank battle something different i ever tried…( in BF2 was nice but here it seems real…also the management of the tank il liked)…hai hai im seeing a long long night on the battle here…:roflmao:

so can i join u in EGF?..think will be amazing do “EAF” ground team work :w00t:

Yes Seyou I have updated our online volunteer dogtags :slight_smile:

Not sure if there is a buddy tracker but we can meet up somehow I’m sure

A penal battalion if we are Axis so we can plunder the booty :slight_smile:

(yes I am reading Sven Hassel this week)


…cool im ready here…i got 75 gallons droptank from my plane to bring it with me in the field for EGF…is filled with Guinnes:ani_beer: …is cold overe there mate!..burp…S!

:banana: I guess you’ll be Julius Heide then Ming? :roflmao:
(What’s the other names in the english version, except Porta and Sven of course?)

Damn, I start to feel an urge to get this one… I’d really like to try it first though so it doesn’t end up beeing another Brothers in Arms (is that the correct name?), didn’t like it anyway. I mean, why going hard for realism when it totally craps out at some things anyway? :rolleyes:

…take a look here…maybe you saw already…aniway many tipis suggestion manual about tanks aim tactics…shooting…etc…

I’m enjoying it Mikke - a friend at work brought it in - it’s not the sort of stuff I read normally but it’s a good read

Mikke I can say for sure that you will almost like it mate. It’s like the best bits of BF2 (really large areas for flanking) but with good weapons-handling and the slow-paced atmosphere is very like OFP. Take some time to get into it. You won’t die right away as people say if you stay low like a good soldier :slight_smile:

Nothing like Band of Brothers which for me (in singleplayer) is on rails. Good stuff in that one but firefights need space. Very believable Band of Brothers is (some bits anyway) but nowhere near as realistic as RO. In a crater with tracers whizzing overhead and pinned-down. I’m hard to convince if I don’t get that scared feeling of we-are-going-to-die. You will feel that in RO. I am pinned-down and I really need a tank to come around the corner to draw fire. Tanks have infantry with them sweeping for enemy anti-tank infantry :slight_smile:

CoD2: nothing like RO, the RO weapons are much more realistic. Really makes CoD online look like a game. A fun game though I should say-

America’s Army: this is the closest to RO. AA is tiny by comparison and it’s not WW2. Good fun though too-

BF2: truly massive firefights and sound and mise en scène to die for, great helicopters and maps. Jets and morons spoil it. A bit :slight_smile:

Right let me check (Legion Of The Damned): Pluto, Old Un and Titch

I am none of them. You know I am Milo Minderbinder mate :slight_smile:


EGF_Jimmi ready for duty sir!!!:):):slight_smile:

Well, you have almost totally convinced me Ming and others. :slight_smile: Have they released a non-Steam version yet? Ah, seems so, have to check the game shops around here (I rather not mess with the Steam thingy).

About Hassels books, I read a lot of them when I was around 15 and loved them, haven’t read any lately, but I think I would find them quite entertaining still. Hmm, “Pluto, Old Un and Titch” I guess Pluto = Porta (the one always telling the stories). Legion of the damned is the complete book, from beginning to end, probably the most realistic/true one. The others is probably more made up stuff (follow ups sort of). Still worth a read if you’re into that kind of books.