Polite war invite by Squad JG5

I was approached very politely yesterday night by, JG5-Metal…C? (something)
Asking if ,We (the EAF-Squad) would be interested in a fair War.

I said it sounded interesting, and told him to contact C/O Mikke, or Mram.

(Well we “need” something New to do after “SW” so I just forward this invite)

That would be Metal G, maybe one of the best axis war pilots;) , well known by the EAF aand especially 19 Sqn:)
:roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:

Yeah, thats the Guy!

Not sure, but I think it started?? by him asking for a 1 vs.1
(when I was hosting a 1-1 “doggie”…waaiting for some “pray”)
…I said…OK…Np. :slight_smile:

But he was to tired…he said. (Later or so, he said.)
(Lucky me, I guess then.) :slight_smile:

Then…he asked about the “war-thing”…or before???
Don’t remember…was to drunk + had only 4 hrs. sleep the day before.
(same sht. the night before + work…so, not sure of the “order” of things.) He,he.

That’d be great! We have nothing on at present and fighting against JG5 will allow us to learn from them as they are very good in terms of their tactics. Also it’d be about time we got to know the JG5 guys a bit as the ‘Swapping of a Pilot or two’ thing last year sorta fell through?

Be good to know what the bosses think…?

That’d be JG5 who we’ve all flown against Snake.

Check out Metal’s sortie/kill ratio. :cool:

I consider MetalG one of the best enemies we ever had. A part from his ability and kill ratio (“The Prince of B&Z” :roflmao: ) he is also always fair within the gaming. A real gentlemen pilot. So I welcome any possible fight against JG5. :slight_smile:

By the way…are there any records of MetalG-EAF51_TonyRule encounters? :rolleyes:

And our advantage now is that the other archetypal Baron Richthofen enemy is nowhere to be seen…

…or has anyone seen Aufpassan?

:stuck_out_tongue: ops :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Zulu report to me immediately for discipline stroke peeler patrol, charge: information useful to the enemy, secret weapon specifications distribution for the use of.

And get your bloody network sorted while you’re at it mate we figure you’re downloading approximately four full-length porn movies per day. That’s full length matron :slight_smile:


Polite War invite?

"I say - do you mind if we send in a tiny little Blitzkrieg, pound your cities, and occupy you for a bit?

We won’t be long, honest and we promise to clear up afterwards and let you have half of Berlin for 40 years…

Thanks awfully":smiley:

Reminds me of a quote from Life on Mars (70s time ravel cop show here in UK)

Sam Tyler: I think we need to explore whether this attempted murder was a hate crime.
Gene: What as opposed to one of those I-really-really-like-you sort of murders?

I guess we have to start installing extra oxygen tanks and superchargers in our crates if we are going up against JG5 again???:eek:

Sam Tyler: I think we need to explore whether this attempted murder was a hate crime.
Gene: What as opposed to one of those I-really-really-like-you sort of murders?


Yes like Eddie Izzard’s Green Party’s revolution “We’ll pay for any damage…”


Hello EAF,

Thanks for the kind words, you know we think the same of you guys! Together with the Redwulf squadron, we are looking for something like a campaign to fly against allied squadrons. We have nothing set up yet really, just done a bit brainstorming with some of the Redwulves. As you may know, the Redwulves like the 190s, us JG5s don’t mind if we’re flying 109 or 190 usually. Anyway, we thought you guys may be interested.

Maybe we could fly some of those DCG campaigns? We could agree on a planeset and then create one of those (personally, I really liked the 1941 Normandy campaign). One of the Redwulves also mentioned he would be willing to create coop missions over Normandy based on historical missions, so that would also be an option. I also wouldn’t mind if other squads or pilots would join in on these missions.

Let me know what you guys think and if you have any ideas or suggestions. We could maybe fly these kind of missions on mondays and thursdays, those are our (and I believe the EAF’s) online nights?



sound good !

S! MetalG one suggestion for any future campaign may be to do a Scorched Earth Campaign.

Do you know much about this type of campaign as it is one we have found to be very immersive and would be worth considering.

S! Meako, could you explain how this Scorched Earth works, and how it is different from the ‘usual’ DCGs? At this point I’m not exactly sure how many pilots the Redwulves and ourselves combined can get flying in a campaign so maybe other squads or people on Hyperlobby that are online at the time of a mission could join in? Is this also possible with Scorched Earth?

I’ve got about 50 megs (not much I know) of webspace available for hosting a killboard or something like that should we need it.

Hi Metal S!, here is a link to the SE campaign site. http://seow.sourceforge.net/ Its pretty complex, I have not flown a better Campaign than SE. :slight_smile:

SE is a very flexible system for planning missions, you plan every mission down to the last way point including the planned height and speed. Each aircraft has a rearm and refuel time limit. So for example a Fw190 i think is a 1 hour refuel so aircraft flown in mission 1 are not available until mission 3.

SE tracks damage so factories/bridges and similar infrastructure when destroyed stays destroyed unless you have engineers to repair it.

We have flown many SE campaigns and find it very immersive especially since aircraft losses have a big impact on your available pool of aircraft which makes getting your damaged bird home important.

Some interesting links


We already have Scorched Earth set up. It is a complete mission builder that stores the results in a database and uses that data to build subsequent missions. The planning side involves control over all aspects of the campaign, ground, sea and air units. Then end result is immersive and diverse missions where actions really mean something.

If you are interested let us know and we can get something set up

Hey EAF,

This Scorched Earth campaign sounds really interesting to me as well as other JG5 pilots. How do we go about setting one of these up? What map, year etc. will we be using, maybe something like Normandy and '41/'42 or Murmansk? Maybe we could get on comms or something like that and discuss things if that is necessary. Is there one ‘overall commander’ on each side that moves his forces around?

Also, do you guys mind the Redwulves and possibly some other squads we fly with joining?

I’m looking forward to such a Scorched Earth campaign.