Please welcome...

our new EAF officer. Snafu has went through training stages and passed the check without any problem. He is more than ready to help us win the next SEOW :slight_smile:

Happy to have you with us mate, you fit perfectly in here.

Now it’s your turn to select a squadron to join :wink:


WeLL done Snafu, well deserved.

Welcome…and get the drinks in :wink:

Well done Snafu,:holiday::holiday::holiday::holiday: welcome in our Band of (crazy) Brothers!

GOOD JOB SNAFU!!! :w00t:

Congrats Snafu!
Job well done my friend. It’s an honor to have such a proficient virtual airman joining our ranks.
It was a pleasure to help in your training and I know it will be fun moving forward. Let’s kick some 102nd Ass in this next SEOW!



Van harte gefeliciteerd en zeker verdiend :slight_smile:

Proost :slight_smile:

Congratulations Snafu,
I’ve only heard high praise of your abilities, so it comes as some comfort to know we will be flying together.

I’ll never forget the time during a dogfight, with Snafu unknowingly at my six, I heard a soft “Psssst!” in my headphones shortly before he shot me down.:smiley:

Well done Snafu.



Well done Snafu and welcome to the commisioned officers mess

Good job Snafu

and thanks for helping out yesterday.
That was good formation flying :cool:

Nice one Snafu. Welcome to the club. :ani_beer:


Congrats Snafu and welcome to the EAF.

Congratulations Snafu S! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much gentlemen!:slight_smile:

I think the whole training programme deserves praise here, first of all the T/O’s.
I have enjoyed my training very much and learned a lot!

I felt quite exited this afternoon when Nepe “nodded” after my exam session. :smiley:

Yeah that’s the feeling!!!

welcome on board mate!
really happy you chosed to join us!

Välkommen Snafu!

So, what squadron do we move you to now? Let me know and I’ll change your callsign here and give you proper rights.

Welcome Brother in Arms! :):banana:

Congratulations Snafu

Well done m8:banana:


Congratulations Snafu , welcome to the big family EAF! :slight_smile:

(Fresh meat for the western front?) :wink:

Congratulations Snafu!!

You was really fast for the wings!!!:anielg:

Congrats and well done Snafu.

Your posting has come through to 331 Squadron. Glad to have you with us!