Patch 4.00 is out

Direct download zip file [b]part 1:…RkU3bUNGa2NUQw

Direct download zip file [b]part 2:…RkVlM1Q0WjhUQw

Torrent download (Installer files, no need to unzip as with the above two parts):…OD_TF4.torrent

Thank you Nepe. :banana::banana:



Thank you Carlos!!!

Just finished the readme!

it seems an impressive work!

In game Anti aliasing works… at last… :banana:

You managed to DL it.
Struggling at the mo, 4 hours to go :frowning:

I had a LOD poblem, with a Spit at approx 1500m dissapearing for 2 seconds, but in general I m sure that the visibility has been improved.
The general impression is very good. Can’t say much about FMs yet, but the game runs like silk. It’s the first time that I really enjoy the sim.

I haven’t played it enough yet, but even on my meager rig, I’m getting a big fps increase generally (which may not be saying much when you consider I wasn’t getting too many frames to begin with) and the game world look fantastic. It definitely runs smoother and over all I’m extremely grateful for TFs efforts.

Actually I would have been grateful even if it proved to be a disaster. Gotta give credit for trying to make the world of CLOD a better place.:smiley:


Splash and I flew my Aug 16th mission (London raid, coming in,over Clacton) and it was superb. Really easy to see each other and the fur ball was v intense. Spent some more time on ATAG but the mission ended before we got stuck into any action. 90+ bods on ATAG!

It’s a great effort.

I love the toned down tracers.

There’s some whining on the TF site which is nonsense. Don’t folks realise these are unpaid volunteers?

That sums up my feelings too.

I never had any performance issues as the game ran well for me anyway. My only gripe was the LOD issues, disappearing a/c and the view distance.
That looks like it has improved a little but it is still far off of what it should be and remains a irritation for me. For example i used to take flying lessons in the area’s we fly in CoD. I flew out of Rochester and spent most of my flying time going up and down the north Kent coast. From there you could see aircraft on the other side of the estuary flying out of southend. Using that example we should be able to see aircraft coming across the channel. Even now with the improvements the lod distance still finishes before the end of the flyby view.

I’ve downloaded the patch but not had chance to install yet. Waiting till i get home this evening.

At work now so don’t have full web access but on reading the patch install instructions last night, I saw mention of a LOD draw option in the conf file. Maybe that will help you guys still having issues? Sorry I can’t remember the detail here but its all on the ATAG site. Hope this helps because the LOD issue is one of the biggest problems at the moment it seems.

Looking forward to having a play this evening.


I sort of see it like that. But then again Bliss had created a similar tool to the sfs viewer Kegetys created (didn’t do it himself I’m pretty sure of that) he chose not to share that tool and ATAG took it upon themselves to enhance our game for us. Kind of like it’s their ball and we’ll have to play the game how they like.

I think what you saw was about turning off MeshLod something or other. I didn’t have it enabled anyway and think that’s a red herring.

@Brig, I know what you mean about being able to see a/c easier in RL, but this its much easier in CoD now than RoF. You can see aircraft in your vicinity even if they are lower. It’s always been an issue in flight sims due to pixel sizes.

It wasn’t Bliss, it was kicked off in the Russian community on the sukhoi forum which has done the heavy lifting. They used kegetys unpacker as a starting point. I downloaded it when I was doing the CoD stats development to find out more about how some of the classes worked in the packed C++ libraries.

Bliss (AFAIK) acted as a focus point to gather able programmers together to assist.

Anyone tried going up against 111s, 88s or Dorniers? I’m flying Hurri 100oct Rotol and tested its firepower against a single bomber. After five restart attempts at hammering that single, with between 300-600 impacts on the port wing root and engine, I only seem to get a few fumes of fuel vapor. I clearly remember in ver 3.0 that you could quite eeasily get 3 bombers with the ammo you have if you’re careful with the placement of the shots.

Tried reproducing such results and I never get beyond one bomber.

The Hurri feels generally less realible engine wise, and flight characterestis are more heavy.

Just my quick observations after a couple of hours of offline testing.

Only flown the Spit2 and that feels slower down low against a AI 109 E4N starting at co alt, it just zoomed up and up, everything is also rather blue and the distant clouds are super white bright, odd. Overal I like the different clouds and it feels smoother.

I use to able set my fuel loadout under Plane settings and then go into Quick missions and the fuel load out would stick, but that doesn’t work now and can’t seem to change it from 100% or change to the ammo I selected (I can see tracer yet I haven’t loaded up any), could be why the 109 went up so easily if I’m stuck at 100% fuel. Anybody else have issues with setting fuel/ammo in the Quick missions?

Have you got SweetFX enabled still Swoop?

With the load outs (fuel and ammo) offline/single player, that’s been broken since the final 1C release patch, load outs only work in multiplayer. It’s damn annoying and something I wished they’d sort out.

It’s in the readme that they’ve adjusted the ballistics. It is now harder to bring down bombers. No more crew kills as the ordnance wont make it through the heavy aluminium and armour plate. Best to pick an engine and hammer that.

Also lots of reports of reduced performance from the RAF aircraft. We’ll struggle online against the 109s from now on.

I’ve managed to down a couple of 109’s, before they’ve zoom up and away out of reach but I haven’t stalled the Hurricane before as much as I have this afternoon.

I like a lot of what TF has achieved and aside from increased online stutters which varies between servers (offline is very smooth) I’m liking it.