Networking Guru's .. some questions for you please

So for some reason I always thought my cable modem had to be connected direct to the PC, today I discover it can be hooked direct into a router, and any PC/console can be connected using the router.
Are there likely to be any security issues or game/app configuration problems using this method ?

If not, anyone want to recommend a good, but not expensive, wireless router capable of maintaining a solid signal from dowstairs to upstairs and 6 metres horizontal distance apart ? (solid interior walls inbetween not studwork).

I can’t see any security issues with it, with the exception of the wireless part of things.

When I set up the kids PC I used a Linksys wireless router on their cable modem, and it works fine. However, that is in the same room. Whether you will get a reliable enough signal for online gaming through a wall is purely a matter of luck.

As Mikke says, the only difference security wise is the “open” wireless signal. I’ve got a Belkin here, not such good quality as the Linksys (ie. Cisco) but I prefer the router configuration interface.

If you take a little trouble to configure your router - especially if you enable MAC address filtering, so only specified devices can connect - you can make a very secure network. But these devices are aimed at the home user, so if you just use the default “wash & go” config on the machine it will be wide open.

I would still say that if at all possible, hard wiring is best, even if you need to run a few metres of Cat6 up the staircase. It is faster, more reliable and more secure.

I’m sure you said “routers - bleeeeggccchhggghhhh” at one point :wink:

If not, anyone want to recommend a good, but not expensive, wireless router capable of maintaining a solid signal from dowstairs to upstairs and 6 metres horizontal distance apart ?

What sort of ADSL modem do you have?

There are a couple of options:
Use your existing ADSL modem with your new wireless router. (which is why I’m asking what sort of ADSL modem you have)


Go for a Wireless router which also contains an ADSL modem.

I only use my wireless subnet for when I’m working from home. My “flying” PC is connected direct via an Ethernet cable so depending on where you are going to situate your router depends on whether you want a wireless router with x number of LAN ports.

You might also want to look at the manuals for your new router as to how flexible it can be (with a view to setting up forwarding, etc etc).

As Mikke has said, no security issues apart from the wireless - but to be honest its low risk. If you’ve got things bolted down with your ports, then it would have to be a determined attack to get in.

Yes Keets, I don’t like the idea of all that port forwarding hassle, but when one wants to connect other devices to the internet without the main PC being on, one is given hobsons choice :o
The modem is just the basic NTL cable modem, one RJ45 and one USB in, I am fairly sure you can only use one or the other, not both at the same time.
But, one has just seen how much M$ want to charge for a wireless card for the console… and nearly fell of my chair !
Scratch that idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Game on again :stuck_out_tongue:
Apparently you don’t have to buy the MS wireless card, so if thats the case what is the best router or access point to get ? (I only need to add wireless for the console, my PC’s are hardwired so not sure if I need a router or not. I might not have mentioned I am a networking newb, I know nuffin :p)

Does the Console have any specifics you need to be able to configure?

I’d get one with four ports (think expansion) :slight_smile: - 802.11g is the faster wireless protocol (54Mbps), though I think that is standard on most Wireless routers.

I’ve got the Netgear WR614 on here:

Its RJ45 in, so assuming your Cable modem has that coming out you should be ok.

Not as far as I know, its ready for online connectivity out of the box, it has an RJ45 to go.
Its just getting it from the living room to the PC room thats the prob, hence why wireless would be ideal if it can operate reliably.

Having said that, with a wireless router and card, its still looking to be costing circa £75 … suddenly the option of drilling holes and routing 15M of cat5 looks more attractive :stuck_out_tongue:

But I don’t like that idea really …
/me ferrets through surplus hardware to see if he has anything of saleable value :roflmao:

Do you think it will enable a good signal in my circumstances ?
Can you turn off the inbuilt firewall ? (I am having palpitations even considering configuring it :roflmao: )

No matter what the manufacturer says, Wireless has its limitaions. It will struggle to cover you entire house, especially if it has to go diagonally through any walls.
Configuring a Router firewall is as simply as flicking a switch. Its on or off.
Port forarding is a doddle as well, just add the IP and Port to a table in the router GUI.
I run 3 PC’s and 3 Laptops in a mixed wireless and hardwired network at home, using my router to handle all the security for my network. None of my PC’s have any firewall enabled, only AV. It’s a doddle to set up Majik, and to be honest I wouldn’t connect any PC directly to the internet, even if I had only 1 PC it would sit behind a router.

Get one Mate…plus Keets is a wizard in the support dept…:wink:

My (limited) experience is that WLAN can be hit or miss, if you’re unfortunate you will end up with a very local network (same room more or less), or you might have excellent connection even outside the house. I haven’t spent any time figuring out why that is, and how much of it is hardware dependant, but I would never buy a WLAN solution and count on it to work several rooms apart and on different floors. Others might have better experience in that regard and be able to give good advice…

Damn, so thats not going to be a likely sucsess story then … Cat5 and Majik drilling and fixing it has to be … or leave console offline :stuck_out_tongue:

So my 5 port switch would do the job if I was to hardwire it ? ( I thought it was a router, but its a switch according to whats printed on it :o)

It seems to work with modem to switch and pc to switch at least …

A switch will not do the same as a router, you will need NAT at least to have concurrent connections. You can register 5 PCs with NTL but only one connected at a time. Unless you use ICS, but to be honest a £50 router is much more secure and easy to set up.

Note too self … must get out of the habit of using things just because they are there :stuck_out_tongue:
Bloody Microshaft, why did you put online ability into a console :roflmao:

I might not have mentioned I am a networking newb, I know nuffin )

You don’t say…:smiley:

Majik, if you can build your own PC, you can get your head around networking no probs mate. I have faith in you.

My wlan router (Netgear) covers the whole house with 2 floors, even the cellar with concrete roof, as well as outside the house, np here. Wife uses her wlan laptop in the cellar room, never a problem.
Easy to secure to allow only specific Mac-addresses and also to encrypt.
I also helped two of my neighbours to set up wlans from other manufacturers, both with good signal strength even between and inside our respective houses. I can connect to my neighbors from inside my house.

Belkin Pre-N mimo router is the one to look at mate, fastest I’ve seen in the reviews lately (and for a while) and a load quicker than the standard G, especially with their pci cards installed in the pc. Linsys G and US Robotics MaxG all struggle with any solid wall and distance over 15 foot I’ve found. I’ve managed to find a kit to build an aerial booster for my MaxG, made out of cardboard and kitchen foil Blue Peter style :slight_smile: It works though and directs the signal into the area I’m working and I can now get a stable signal through a couple of doors (better open) and about 20 foot, all with WPA 2 encryption going on. Btw this is with a MaxG pc card as well. Mimo pushes the signal out much farther and yes I wish I had one :wink:

OK Keets and Brigs, prepare yourselves for tech support, … wait, come back, what do you mean your off on holiday for 2 weeks :eek:

I sold a Mobo and a couple of hard drives to fund this “project” :wink:
Order placed, should be receiving:
Netgear WGR614 802.11g 54Mbps Wireless Cable/DSL Firewall Router
Netgear WG602 54mbps 802.11g Wireless Access Point

Apparently you can’t use any USB netcard on the console, just the M$ one due to drivers, but you can plug it into a WAP and use that to communicate to your wireless router, as the AP doesn’t need any drivers installing.

A bit of apprehension here … as my phone is a cordless one and its near the console, and my wireless mouse is a 2.4 ghz signal same as the router :rolleyes: :monky:

A bit of apprehension here … as my phone is a cordless one and its near the console, and my wireless mouse is a 2.4 ghz signal same as the router

You’ll be ok though as you can select which channel within the band to use.

“Channel 9 - breaker breaker you got your ears on good buddy” - wooah 80’s throwback. :slight_smile:

Router plugged in and all seems to work with no problems :confused:
Not sure if it has firewall enabled as everything goes out (IL2, hyperlobby,GTL, internet etc) with no problems (yet!) so to be safe I have left my software firewall on …

Now to see how we hook this WAP up … the first bit went to smooth, a rough shafting is coming I just know it :frowning:

And I was right :rolleyes:
It seems the WAP can’t get an IP from the Router, any ideas ?
WAP is enabled on routerpage and have taken off the software firewall, no security settings in the WAP are enabled, and to cap it all freeking netgear phone lines are jammed solid :mad: