Mustang III

Although for preference I wouldn’t be seen in anything except an allied aircraft, I sometimes feel a bit envious of the variety of colour schemes of other nationalities - the RAF were pretty much standardised.

Probably old news to some of you, but it was a surprise to me to find that 112 Squadron, after moving from North Africa to Italy and re-equipping with the Mustang III, retained the shark mouth design that they had used on their Kittyhawks.

I couldn’t find a template I was entirely happy with, and I wanted to see if I could get a skin for once where everything lined up and fitted together, so in a foolish moment I decided to completely redraw the template :eek:

This is still a work in progress, lots of colour adjustment and detail to add, but this is how it is going so far…

Approx 30 hours and severe eyestrain…

Approx 60 hours, double vision and dementia

I reckon about another 30 hours should see it pretty much finished, although if I keep finding bits I’m not happy with and redrawing pixel by pixel it could be longer…

Excellent work again PG, I may even be tempted to fly a ‘Pony’ myself with that skin on board :wink:

Very nice, PeeGee. I’m not a fan of sharkmouths on Spits, but it looks good on other aircraft.

Now could you do versions with everyones’ squadron letter? :slight_smile:

Excellent panels PeeGee, and camo looks good :slight_smile:

Can I try to persuade you to release the template when you’re finished?

Yes to both of those questions - but don’t hold your breath :slight_smile: . It could be a while yet, I’m suffering an obsession with detail at the moment.

Regarding which, does anyone know what the detail in the middle of the leading edge of the port wing is? It looks like a landing light, but that is tucked in the port wheel well? A gun camera housing perhaps?

Progress so far, about 90% complete. I’m doing two variants - one has normal ID on the fuselage band and wing leading edges. The other is more historically accurate for 112 Sqn, with the band painted out and wing ID omitted. Apparently the code letters were white.

Fantastic work PG.

Great mate I’ve see other skins made by you
good work!

To protect what little sanity I have left I’m calling this one finished.

There was a production run that ended with serial HB962, so I’m starting these at HB963, I’ve got 10 done so far. As far as code letters go, I like to shade all my panel lines to the paint colour, so they take me a bit of time. Because of that, I’ll start by just doing ones specifically requested. Let me know your code letters, and which version you want (with or without wing and fuselage ID markings). Both if you like. Any other personalisation we can discuss the fee in virtual beers :wink: .

As far as the template goes, I’ve got an FTP manager that chokes on anything bigger than a one page text file, and a CD burner that produces unreadable frisbees, so how I’m going to pass on a 40meg graphics file I don’t know. I’ll figure something out.

Thanks PeeGee that work looks excellent

My codeletter is N

Both types please? Cheers!


Goodness knows how my FTP connection held up - with only two system freezes - but I’ve managed to upload QV-N and QV-X, plus the template pack for anyone who wants it.

“Get’em 'ere…”

Thanks PeeGee, I’ll try to grab the template tonight

Thanks very much PeeGee!


Fantastic work PeeGee. Best Mustang Skin I’ve ever seen IMHO! :slight_smile:

OV-J if the offer is still going please PeeGee, ditto Maryfield (very good to see btw Pete) looks like a labour of love and it really shows. I had no idea you could do this level of skinning. Wow.

I like them both, but as a choice the more original 112 one is my fave. Can you add Swoop in fancy american writing somewhere, don’t worry if it’s any bother, I’ll be very happy with just a standard one.

Cheers mate

Same link as above. Two variants with art on serials HB969 and HB970, and two duplicates without on the same serials.

Tried to mimic the sort of script on this USAAF Pony…

Of course, if you were an American Air Force Officer you would get shiny metal and someone to polish it for you. As you are RAF you get one that’s been round the block a few times (a bit like Mabel down at the “Coach & Horses” near the airfield).

Erm any chance of a QV-V please.


Wow thanks PeeGee!! I’ve been keeping an eye on this thread and thought maybe I was asking to much about the wording and was coming over to download the template and give it a bash myself. I know it wouldn’t have looked anywhere near as good :slight_smile:

Cheers mate :banana:

QV-V, two variants on serials HB971 and HB972. Same link as above.

I suppose I should think about some Russian skins for the forthcoming EIF, especially as that white tail on the P40 proved cough useful the other night.

Considering the number of skins for Russian aircraft in Il2, it is surprising that the historical evidence for them is pretty thin on the ground. I don’t think Uncle Joe made colour film a big priority for the troops. The units had far more leeway to choose their own schemes than RAF squadrons, and apparently the green was originally left over tractor paint.

So, difficult to prove that a given scheme is historically accurate - but then again, difficult to prove that it’s not.:wink: The British and American kit would have retained most of it’s original camo, but then if it was painted white for the winter, I guess the next camo repaint may well have been Russian colours?

I may allow myself a little imagination and if any purists object they can argue the evidence :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard that PeeGee! :slight_smile:

Horses for courses I think mate. For online campaigns and for sport rather than historical exactitude it’s ok to have our own paint schemes within (pink striped) reason and the white tails - once my eye was in :slight_smile: - are very useful

Anyway they had loads of white camo paint over there. Snow being a bit of a feature :slight_smile: