Mustang III

I’m throwing no stones, given the vitreous nature of my own abode. I clobbered Classic with a couple of 20mm rounds a few weeks ago, and he was in a Spit for goodness sake. :o

I personally like distinctive colour schemes - I’d rather ID friendlies quickly, even at the risk of being ID’ed quicker myself. I wouldn’t use a non-historical scheme, but I don’t feel the need for every skin to be an exact replica, as long as it is possible or justifiable historically.

Do we have a planeset for EIF yet? Some of them have nice Russian skins already, but I can rework some of those that don’t. I’ve got one idea to start, but I’m keeping it under wraps until I’ve tried a mock up of it.

PeeGee - check this site to start VVS skinning …

Click on research, or modelling, and check out the forum
Last time I checked, a lot of teh links were broken :frowning:

Tractor paint indeed!, that was just one, or two factories …

Thanks Painter, I’d seen that site, it’s fantastic isn’t it? What I was saying above about “possible or justifiable” schemes was a coded way of saying “I want to see this scheme on another aircraft”. :slight_smile:

It’s a historic '43 / '44 scheme, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it !

LOL PeeGee, OK.

Now, do I dare …
The Gavia kit is still around, both under the Gavia label, and under Eduard’s label …

Note to acquire a new aircraft recognition chart and to be pinned up in the Bar :slight_smile:

With, for instance a white tailed aircraft, we must still be careful to check the nationally before pulling up onto their 3 and waving. :slight_smile: Luger in hand he waves back “Halt!!”

The P39 seems to be popular again and I’ve always thought the camo skins to be so bland, but whatever PeeGee. If you do decide to put your talents to work on a skin of your choice, could I maybe have a white rudder on mine if it’s not too offensive to your artist’s temperament :slight_smile:

EDIT ~ This hread has moved on quickly or my typing is getting slower, the latter probably :slight_smile: Looking at Painter’s link and seeing the top wing, I really like the camo, reminds me of a tigers colouring somehow :slight_smile:

Sharks, tigers

Hedgehog for Mosquito Squadron when it gets here maybe? Hedge-hoppers and so on

Decal a small ball with spikes. Hedgehog Squadron. Yes the Desert Rats sounded silly once too :slight_smile:

Come on chaps we’re British aren’t we? Get Bill Oddie in here he’ll back me up

Hedgerow Patrol. Operation Squirrel Nutkin:A Badger Too Far :slight_smile:


Being my last day of leave i was looking in my WW2 books and found this picture of a Mustang IV of 19 sqn based at Acklington June 1945. I had to skin it so I have spent all day on it and here it is.

Only just noticed you’d one one for me Pee-Gee, cheers :slight_smile:

yes its the only picture i had, it is a historical skin with the right serial number, if you want it i can send it. S! (its on a p51D template because there isnt a mustang IV)

Nice one :slight_smile:

I actually much prefer the Pony “bareback”, just doesn’t look right in RAF camo. It cries out for that big, brash USA glamour