Mod Work in Progress

For those interested.
I copied my post from the ROF Forums. The download is really only for those who are interested in what I have done till now, not more in the moment. I hope it can be part of a bigger map update later.

I updated my WIP package with the latest files. At the moment no gameplay, just sightseeing for those interested. Be aware to disable the Mod when you have finished sightseeing or you will see unwanted remains (empty textures/ non fitting raods & rails).
Arras-Sector-Test 0.2
If you have also previous package, pls. delete before using new one.

What to see:
Roucourt Airfield
Lagnicourt Airfield
Epinoy Airfield
Boistrancourt Airfield (not finished)
La Brayelle Airfield (not finished)

Vitry-en-Artois town
Fresnes-les-Montauban village
Sailly-en-Ostrevent village
Roeux chemicalworks & village
Pelves village
Lens city (trees missing)
Lens outskirts: Avion + Sallaumines (early WIP & more to come)

I’ve been following your progress, very nice Paf.
It fits in with the area of ops we are using in or PWCG campaign.
Just waiting for a release and we’ll be using it too.

Lens looks particularly good IMO. You’re a credit to the EAF mate :slight_smile:

Thanks Brigs,
Lens is alot of work …
But I got my working steps quite effective now. This one took me two evenings research & two evenings

Some small things left but mainwork done.
It all depends on the resources but I ordered some good stuff on the Arras-sector and maybe can make something for the RFC.

I’m just waiting for the day we can incorporate what you have into the RoF COOP we’re running.

I would like that too and its possible.
The biggest problem is, that its only compatible with the summer-season at the moment.
To have it also in autumn and winter nearly doubles the work and for me its more motivating to move on to new villages and aerodromes :wink:

So flying a campaign with summertextures I can pack it up. I know how to get it into Pats Campaign Generator, but I am not so sure about how pats engine handles the objectcount/spawning.
That would require some MP tests.
Also regarding performance, with more objects & textures…

I don’t think the hit on object count would effect us too much. It AI controlled objects that really cause issues.
As for PWCG, I was running you Roucourt/Lagnicourt mod in PWCG without real issue / Apart from autumn winter. I got around autumn by replacing autumn ground textures with summer tiles and leaving the autumn trees.
I don’t see PWCG integration as a big one really, apart from having to re do it every time Pat release a new version

Ok, from my singleplayer-tests the impact is not very noticable, but I didn’t test MP yet.
As you say everything is build as static /no AI, so I hope it works just as good in Coop.

I am able to see everything fine in PWCG but I want to make sure I didn’t mess anything up and contacted Pat about.
If everything is OK I can pack something up for the campaign/ a test.

What Squadron you are flying currently from which base? (Man I miss flying online)
I try to gather some information so we can have some recogniseable surrounding / or landmarks.

No 46 out of St Eloi, just about to move to the Bethune area.
Most of our patrols are the Arras Lens section of the front.

Ok, got some good resources regarding RFC airfields at Mt. St. Eloi, Le Hameau, Vert Galant, La Bellevue, Bruay, Hesdigneul & Choques.
Will start when I have some free evenings again :wink:

Evening off I began to build Le Hameau / Filescamp Ferme - Aerodrome.
Home of RFC 11, 100,29 & 60 Squadron in the Battle for Arras / Bloody April.

Another one for the RFCnearly finished (farms are missing) . RFC 19 Sqn. also stayed here with their SPAD 7 scouts.

And now the farms are added:

Very nice Paf :slight_smile:

I tried your Lens download the other day, it looks even better in game than the screenshots show. Real quality work mate.

I’m going to look at integrating what you have already released in our Monday COOPs.
We are already playing in “Mods On” mode, so it’ll be easy to get compliant with your released work.
I’d only need to check it through PWCG

I also saw that Jason is looking at what you and the J5 boys are doing. Is he looking at putting it in the game?

Thanks Brigs,

To get PWCG show the content is not that complicated. What takes time, is to manually write the airfield parameters so that AI flights can take off and land at the new airfield positions. All doable but it takes time and testing :wink:

I think Jason is in contact with J5. I have no info what will be made out of the map. I think first it will be a just “mods-on Mission template”.
Maybe more later, but till then more work is required.

Yeah I remember from when I was using Lagnicourt.

have you got a .mission file with all the new buildings and airfields included, then I’d be able to update the FranceGroundObjects.RoFCampaign and FranceAirfields.RoFCampaign.

Its abit late now. I will send you tomorrow a link with the latest files and also with mission or group, so you just have to copy over.
But beware, you also need to delete some old object-placements. Hmm, maybe I send you full content mission updated with my work.

That would be cool.
I’m pretty good with editing PWCG. I know exactly what to do to get the new buildings for Lens and the new fields to display properly. As long as I have a list of what’s changed and a mission file with the replacement blocks to make a new Lens in the francegroundobject file

Sorry Brigs, I wanted to fix some rails and raods in Lens before upload but the editor somehow messed up all the roads over thw whole map.
I have to see what is causing this and fix it. I hope to have something to send tommorrow :frowning:

Cheers Paf

I can’t wait to get it integrated into the campaign :slight_smile:

I hope eveything is in the package. Did a quick test with vanilla ROF and all seems to be there.

A few things to keep in mind:
My mod only works with the Summerversion of the Western Front Map!

Road & Railworksystem in Lens still has some errors, but the rest of the map should be ok.

Lens outskirts only has basic textures and are not finished

Frontline only partially textured

Brigs, you can find mission & group files in “Arras-Sector-Test 0.3/data/template/…”
Arras Sector Test.Group - group file of my added objects
Arras Sector Test.Mission - mission file of my added objects
Full Template.Mission - Mission file of my objects implemented into the vanilla map-templates


Got it Paf, cheers mate.

I’m going to edit PWCG over the weekend to get it all in