Merry Christmas everybody

Merry Christmas

I wish you all well and and a good time



Auguri !!! :grinning: :santa:

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Merry Christmas, Boyz!!!

hey Nick! happy to read you!

Merry Chrismas!!!

Thanks, and you too :smiling_face:
I have been working on a new configuration file for my solo Warthog throttle and my new stick during december :sweat:
Its not perfect, but I think It will do for participating in the IL2-BoX campaign :saluting_face:


Xmas gift!!!

Merry Christmas GIF by Leadrs

This is a wonderful news nick!!! Happy to have you back on board!

I took a major step to get back into the air the week :grinning:
Manufatures of my stick, throttle, pedals and TrackIR all recommend that we don’t use a USB hub :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
And for as long as I can remenber I have had a lack of USB connections.
So I fianlly bought a USB controller card (and and eSATA card) and a USB connector cable for the remaining USB connections on my motherboard.
I had estimated this upgrade to take a couple of hours, but I ended up more than 8 hours :persevere:
What started out as a few cards and a connector ended up with a stripping the computer down to just the case with the motherboard (with cpu+cooler).
The build quality of the backplace the case has always been a bit off. Which resulted in a loose network cable, and having to displace the grafix card a few milimeters in order to be able to connect the monitor cable.
With the need for space to the new controller cards, this was no longer an option :lying_face:
So I ended up operating on the case with a dremmel tool :mask:
and rewiring all the cable incluting those around my desk :smile:
I am already in love with this new upgrad :heart_eyes:
It gives me the flexability to have 2 free USB connections for USB stick and portable harddisk AND I am finally ready to fly :grin:


So, will we see you monday evening??? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

MMM A little overkilll!

i have everything going trough a good quality USB 7 port hub!

also leap motion wich is critical doesn’t have problems!
this also makes flight sim peripheral management easier with an usb shoot down button and a power strip!

the only thing connected directly trough pc is arduino cause managing the data flow from DCS bios is huge…! (arduino controls the Bug Force Feedback :tm: )

Anyway happy you are satisfied with your new setup!

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I am working on getting ready for tonigt right now…but that is on BoX.
No time for DCS at the moment.

What is a good quality USB hub?
Make and model, please :smile: -)

And what is an “Bug Force Feedback”?
I am unable to find a good link to your reference :pensive:

Absolutely talking about box, we are preparing for a campaign, specifically on the dark side this evening :wink:

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Star Wars GIF


This is the link to your reference :smiley:
oops, in italian :disguised_face:

anyway, @Jimmi_EAF51 can provide few pictures of its setup. Better structure and electronics…

“Shiney, Lets be bad guys”

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I can’t find out where my F trackIR cable are going, but the F*** thing is not on :exploding_head:

finally got it nailed down :grinning:

Good to hear you again on TS Starfire!

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And you too :face_holding_back_tears:

I hope all is well.

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