Lockon Questions

Have just got having never flown a jet sim
What do i need to patch to to fly online?

Hi Dan, I’ve been thinking about taking a look at some modern stuff lately, didn’t realise Lockon was available for download - got a link please?

Not sure about patches but I know some EAFers are into it so an answer should be here soon.


LockOn is upgraded with the Flaming Cliffs expansion (around 20€. can buy it online) and then patched to 1.12a

Flaming Cliffs is nice because it gives a new aircraft, the Su25T with a very advanced flight model

I dont have online experience, though.

Just remember that FC and Lockon Gold use Starforce for copy protection.

I downloaded via torrent whiskey, all work fine, havnt installed the flaming cliffs addon yet but have transfered it onto cd ready:)

I have a russian version of FC, installed it and flew it a couple of times, but the hassle of switching to russian language in windows, and only having russian menues, was just too much, so it’s now uninstalled, and Starforce removed.

If it wasn’t because of the russian language things, I would probably still fly it now and then, pretty nice sim.

well i tried installing flaming cliffs but because i got it of a torrent i dont have a serial number:(

have unistalled flaming cliffs due to no serial number, if anyone comes across it plz can they pm it to me

Why don’t you buy it instead of using a pirated product?

lack of cash and because it is so easilly available

lack of cash and because it is so easilly available

Does that make it right?


Only £14.99 - Lock On Gold also contains FC. I’ve been tempted for a while.

Reading between the lines (and the deleted posts) I guess its not available for download then!?

£14.99 from play.com eh? Hmmm, what do you reckon Keets, shall we go for it? I’ve been inspired by the Bill et John movies. Can’t say I’m that keen on modern air combat - too much like hard work and not enough seeing the whites of their eyes for me. But I like the idea of some A10 Tank Busting missions.

must…resist…put…the …credit …card…back


‘Where’d he go’
‘Where’d WHO go?’

I really like the idea of it… Does it run smooth like IL2?.

Starforce doesn’t bother me as I have that anyway with SHIII - that I also don’t have time to play :slight_smile:

Then there’s the skinning… now look what you’ve done. :slight_smile:

Ordered. I’ll justify it by saying it’s a pressie to me for passing the lastest phase of my PC Plod training.

If you haven’t already seen the Bill et John movies Keets try to find them - well worth it.

Right, I’ll be Maverick and you can be Iceman. Cue ‘Take by Breath Away’ by some bird with a ‘80s’ big hairdo!


Yeah, it’s worth £14 if you can live with Starforce, and get the correct language version. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am flying LO:FC offline a little, and its a great sim. I fly the Su25T in ground attack, and its a lot of fun.

If anyone wants to try someday online, I am interested :slight_smile:

Couple of links:


I have been doing the following training missions, I recommend them for starting from zero:

oh bugger it… I’ve ordered it.

Hey m8s,

Flaming Cliffs is what you need to fly lomac online. Everyone on HL or Aerobatic teams are flying with it. Im a A10 lover and love to ground attack with this plane. The fighters I just use for Aerobatics :slight_smile: ground attack is fun :slight_smile:


ps: let me know when you are expecting to be online

Whiskey and Keets, I Love Lock On I play it weekly, you will like all the Free AddOn’s too go to http://www.lockonfiles.com/index.php make sure you DL LoMan makes simple install and Managment. Unfortunatly I only have Version 1.02 but that one has no Star Force and I flew it with Techy Online direct IP and it gave me no problems. I think Meako has 1.02 too, but I am waiting for Black Shark to Upgrade.

Modern jets!!! How very dare you:mad:

You realise, that sacrilige has been committed. Not only that, but if you time skip to modern day aircraft, you will all be elderly gentlemen, and will all undoubtebly die in a fireball as your re-actions will be far to slow!..:roflmao: