IL2 1946 'In Stock' have it listed as in stock, at first I did not beleive them so I phoned to speak to them myself, the guy I spoke to assured me that the product was in stock on the shelf and waiting to be dispatched.

Just ordered my copy.

the guy I spoke to assured me

<muffled noises> :slight_smile:


Well, had mine on order since Oct… it now states, ‘order placed’ instead of 'pre-ordered, so a step in the right direction:) … HURRY UP!!

It’ll update to ‘order misplaced’ next followed by ‘order? what order?’ and then you’ll see it in a store :slight_smile:



lol stop it you tart :slight_smile:

Should be with you soon it’s in the stores on Friday Dave I am reliably informed. Oh no I fell for it too aaaggghhh! :slight_smile:


They’d better be some copies left in Game/HMV in Oxford street by the time I get there on Friday - planning a lunchtime raid to the shops and there will be severe knashing of teeth if the shop assistant says “Stumohick what?” and tries to sell me a Wii + some ZElda game with pixies…:mad:

If he sells you a Wii, I’ll buy it off you and throw in a bottle of Whisky :eek:

Well, despite beeing less then enthuastic over paying to get a bunch of “too late” planes, and the latest patch, I now hold 1946 in my hands, will try installing at getting rid of the crapware later tonight…

Where from Mikke?

A shop here in town. Had at least one more copy on the shelfes.

Yes, it is for sale in the stores today Dec 12 here in Sweden.
I noticed UBI shop is not shipping until Dec 14.

My own order is placed at, but delivery is no “express”.
They have not even packed it yet… :stuck_out_tongue:

Crapware ?
Apart from the securom copy protection, are you saying it has some boonty style nasties ?

I sure hope not, Securom is bad enough in my view. :wink:

Ah well thats OK then :slight_smile:
GTR2 has securom 7 and its not upset my system so no probs for me.

‘Processing’ at now… Friday’s a real possibility!
Should be dispatched within 24hrs.

No chance, it’ll go back to packing next…

Ram it big boy!!!:eek:

lol steady lads

Tell us when it goes to ‘Was going to send it but took it back to check it’s actually in the box. And did I leave the oven on at home I wonder. So much to worry about why am I packing these bloody DVDs when I should be checking the oven’s actually off. Can you smell gas?’

Neurotic state-of-play bot :slight_smile:


Hello Dano…good to see you mate :slight_smile: Coming back for a fly I hope soon mate. We were just getting to know you when the heatwave struck. Could use your eagle eyes fighting 51 right now.