Hsfx v5.0 released !!

Follow link:




Excellent, well done for the heads up Jonah.

With this release our next SEOW campaign draws closer to starting :banana:

Good spot Jonah thanks mate

For Win7 users, TeraCopy has an inbuilt calculated-CRC parameter for quick-checking that files copied ok. No fiascos this time with any luck :slight_smile:


classic is this the same version as we have already ?

In case its not im downloading it, i understand i need a clean install of 4.101, which is a patch of 4.10 was the previous official version 4.09 ? So many patches leave me confused.

I copied my existing UP install to a new folder. It was already updated to 4.101.

After dl the update via torrent, I just ran the HSFX v5.0 install exe over my copied 4.101.

I now have a HSFX v5.0 for SEOW and the standard UP 4.101 switcher for anything else.


Who’s on tonight?

Cheers Jonah :slight_smile:

All done & dusted m8.



Sorry Meako, bit late replying but no this is not the same as the beta version that we had, I’m not sure what changes are in there but apparently some quite major differences between the Beta and the full release.

Just out of curiosity guys

How long does it take to download?

I started to download and it says 18 hrs, and thats was after it was downloading for 30mins:eek:

In the land that time forgot

Depends on your speed I guess. I have Virgin 10mb and it took about an hour via torrent, was downloading at 1.1 Mb/sec


Thanks for letting me know Splash

currently downloading at 23.0kbs and it will take 2 days might have it ready for Monday:eek:


Redundant, are you using the torrent?

I used the ftp link and it all downloaded in about an hour. I don’t think my BB is particularly fast - 500k up 1.5Mb down i think.


Yes m8 useing the ftp aswell

ps download speed even worse now and nothing else is running



I suggest to assist members of the EAF that anyone who downloaded the torrent version to start up their torrent software and allow it to upload so others can download. I have left mine running for the past 48hrs or so and I’ve actually uploaded more than I downloaded :slight_smile:

The community needs you, do your bit and turn on the torrent software :smiley:

Yep doing it.


I can put it on a disc and post it Monday if you want.

Would need an address though


Under 15 min with the torrent. Now I just have to find 4.10.1…



Thanks for the offer Splash,I am going to leave PC on overnight to download

If after that I end up with a corrupt download:eek:
will send you a PM:roflmao:


OK Download done 23hrs 20mins at 46.7kb/s

Wondering is this a record:roflmao:

Now what do I do, point it to a copy of my Il2 folder ?


Hi Stevie, heres what you need to do

Option 1 - the safest

Take one vanilla installation and patch it 4.08 --> 4.09 --> 4.10 --> 4.10.1 then simply point the HSFX 5 installer at the new installation

Option 2 - should work without any trouble

Take any modified version of the game, be it UP or HSFX and use JSGME to disable all mods and revert it to a vanilla state. Then proceed to patch it upto 4.10.1 and finally point HSFX 5 at it

That should see you upto speed and ready to fly SEOW