Hsfx v5.0 released !!

Ok Splash made a cock of it:rolleyes:

pm on its way


According to SimHq there seems to be a hot fix out for HSFX 5.0, not sure though it is dated today

Post number #3244959 by cmirko

Direct link here

59Mb from torrent download

From the read me…

Install Instructions:-

For BOTH Client and Server version.

i) Disable ALL of the jsgme switcher options (move to Left)

ii) Make sure you point the installer at the il2 Root folder with HSFXv5.0 installed in it. (eg D:\Flightsims\il2 Sturmovik 46 )

iii) Run the Installer.

iv) Enable HSFX and other prefered options with jsgme

v) Start the game, if you got the install path correct, the load screen will say v5.0.1 on the right.

(its a tiny .1 on the end… if you miss it try flying the B29 in QMB. If its good, you got it.)


Lejo’s Desert House Pack. Redko MTO saves missions OK now

Mosquitoes, working RDF added. (new)

U2VS java re-added. It is now a flyable once again.


Carrier Spawn bug (DF servers only) when player/server not using CTO.

Bf109 B1 Incorrect engine referance.

B29 cockpit not showing.

G4M2 Cockpit not showing.

Beaufighter X rear turret ai control arcs

Skin mapping not showing properly when player took T gunner only positions in a few aircraft in Co-op mode.

Su-2 Cockpit corrected.

Mosquito XVI Radiator flaps.

R Tail boom of P38J10_Lo (USA) corrected

Added ‘Hayrake’ to CVL’s. Fixed some Ships not showing up as Stationary

Credits Update:-

Corrected spelling of Carolines map (thanks Dave OD)

HMS Fiji is by Asheshouse of course.
It was the last thing that we added but did not make it into the read me.


Thanks for the heads up Splash. :slight_smile:



Likewise, downloading now!


hotfix applied

Thanks mate, downloading now.

Thanks for the update.
I have a slight suspicion of who reported the Carrier Spawn Bug :wink:

I will test tonight to see if my Carrier training missions work again. Having 28 sek before your aircraft explodes might help to increase takeoff speed, but it was quite irritating :mad:

Thansk Splash Hsfx 5 up and running:banana:

Will probably wait until the patch is on rapidshare or hotfile, tried to download the torrent but was taking too long.

Thanks again


Carrier missions worked :banana:
I had to redo one of the airbases but it was a minor detail.

If there are anyone interested, they can be found in my folder at the FTP under \Missions\Dogfight\

There are three.

  1. Royal Navy mission in day light (Norway map)
  2. Royal Navy mission at night (Noway map)
  3. Japanese Navy at day (Kyoushu map)

I have some problem with getting the description, short and Full text to show in the IJN mission so if any one know the solution please say so :slight_smile: