HRCODWAR - Online dynamic campaign at last

This looks really promising

We proudly present our unique system to play multi-squadron dynamic campaigns for “IL2 Sturmovik - Cliffs Of Dover” to the community.

It is a brand new system allowing multiple squadrons fighting in a two sided campaign. Squads can manage their own resources, move their ground units, manage the production of their factories, power plants, refineries and ship yards, arrange troop landings into enemy territory and, of course, fly air raids to attack enemy infrastructures and troops in multiplayer game sessions. Besides, all those actions take place within a dynamic scenary supported by a web server interface that provides, under request and password protected, status of the campaign and the map among other relevant information. It also allows to program orders to both the units and the industries between game sessions, among many other features.

Honestly I am very interested in this project but also having read it I hadn’t understood much :o
We in 51° are starting to tweak our CoDs
Will be glad to train with all others if interest.

I am very interested too :smiley:

It’s been around quite a while now
They announced it nearly a year ago, but no-one really went with it outside of the Halcones Rojos. It’s a similar setup to the Bellum type wars.
I have it downloaded and once I have some time I want to set it up and check it out.

Could be promising :slight_smile:

I’m interested as well :smiley:

20+ pilots tonight flying it!

I would be interested as well

I would be interested when it brings more pilots together and more focused training.

Hello, I’m Naglfar, from Halcones Rojos.

First of all thank you for your interest. I’ll try to clarify the doubts that you may have.

Well, our translation is far from perfect, sorry for that :smiley: Basically it’s a dynamic campaign system, kind of like SEOW for IL-2 '46. So, it’s not a single campaing organized by us (like ADW or Airforce War for IL-2 '46), it is a system that you can install in your own server (website included) to create and fly your own campaigns with as many allies and enemies squads as you want.

If you are talking about our current HRCODWAR between spanish squads (the one you can see on the servers list every wednesday), given the number of people flying CoD in the spanish community we were very surprised by the high participation in the campaign.

I’m sure that as soon as any big squad organize a campaign with several international squads it could bring together enough pilots to satisfy your expectations :smiley: But I’d recommend starting with a small campaign between 2 or 4 squads in a small map area to familiarize yourself with the system and obtain the experience needed for the management of a big campaign.

So, if you want to try and install our system and (after you’ve read the manual and the documentation :p) you have any technical issues or any kind of doubt, we are at your disposal in our forums:

Thanks for dropping in Naglfar and for offers of assistance.

Much appreciated mate

Yes Ty Nagfalr!

let’s see if we can arrange something!

This sounds very interesting!

We should try and get as many EAF’ers why fly CLOD and form a squadron or two for this system? I presume we should try and fly with the rest of the HRCODWAR community at some point?

The future is now :slight_smile:

Naglfar, gracias por acercarte a nuestro foro y ofrecer tu ayuda.

As soon as Im back online (hmmm, next week?) Id like to try this, and if necessary I could act as link with the Spanish community.

S! Naglfar and Halcones Rojos, many thanks for visiting us

Also many thanks to Nepe and with 51’s big interest in Clod and many other pilots throughout EAF, “cough our C/O”, maybe this is the time for this sim for us. A campaign (plus an allied bomber :wink: is what this sim needs. With Brigs talents maybe in the future an EAF mixed squads v EAF51 in HRCoDwar. It would be good to fly with my 92 mates again.

I was playing with the web interface last night

Initially it might be a good thing if we could get a flight in the HR campaign.
As far as I can see we could create a mission for an EAF flight and it can be added to the mission/campaign.

HRCODWAR works with the scripting capability in CloD and the ability to add missions to the current mission on the fly.

51° would be honored to participate.
Now we are training on CoD regularly both fighters and bombers pilots.
Keep us informed

Yep, but it uses it for the ground movements, airfield and resources management, etc, not for the air missions.

The air missions are all human, there’s no AI. So you plan your mission beforehand (in the forums, teamspeak or whatever…) and when the battle starts you connect to the server and you just have to create the airplane that you wanna use for your mission and fly it according to the plan, or improvise a new mission near the end of the battle… or basically you can do what you want with your squad’s aircrafts once the battle is started, but obviously is better to plan things to be successful in the war :smiley:

The system controls who is who and what aircrafts he can use with his squad tag. To start the campaign you have to make a template for each squad, with its tag as a name (more details here). Aside from that… our current campaign started as a competition between spanish squads, and the people are taking it very seriously (in this second edition the things are pretty equal for the moment).

Anyway… :stuck_out_tongue:

We are thinking on organizing an international HRCODWAR to give the opportunity to anyone interested in the system to familiarize himself with it. So you could see what it’s all about and enjoy a first contact with the system without having to deal with installations, configurations and such.

To participate you’ll need at least 5 pilots, and one person willing to act as commander of the squad (he’ll have to manage units, resources, factories, etc…).

So if you are interested, let me know. And of course if you know of other squads that may be interested aswell, let them know! :smiley:

PS: I forgot… I suppose that you would fly as allied, but anyway, confirm it just in case :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Naglfar (again!)

I have been reading some more on how it works.
As you can see the EAF is definitely interested in what HRCODWAR can do for us.
I for one would be interested in an international War and I’m sure we’d be able to bring more than 5 pilots.

For me I’ll fly either side but our Squadron preference is mostly like going to be Allied :slight_smile:

I’ve posted over on the Red Hawks forum that we are interested in joining a campaign.

Either a future campaign or if possible the current campaign.

As the campaign engine is a human only affair, I think an internal EAF campaign would be too light on numbers to make it worthwhile for us. Joining a currently running campaign as guests would give us a good insight into how it all works.
That could lead on to a EAF vs xxx campaign in the future.

Nepe is going to earn his virtual EAF pay here I think :wink:

Thank you Brigstock for your effort much appreciated.
Speaking for 310/322, we would gladly close the ranks :slight_smile: