Good Morning Lads!

…Where the hell are you! Its only 3am, Honestly! Lazy $ods, how do you expect to win the war like this! :smiley:

On a more serious note, I’m hoping to jump on IL2 with some of you soon. However, for me I have a few problems, my PC which I use for gaming etc, has decided that my nForce Networking Controllers are due for a breakage.

I can’t get the latest ones because the nVidia site isn’t being cooperative, so if anyone has the drivers, I would be extremely greatful if you’d send them to me.

Until then, I’m gonna try and squeeze some performance out of my craptop, and fly on that until I get a fix.

I’m interested in Joining 19 Squadron, as I’m from Bromley, in the UK, and if memory serves me right, the airfield I fly out of on my PPL lessons, Biggin Hill, was used by 19 Squadron during WW2.

Anyway, I look forward to flying some Hurrybacks and Spits with you guys, and Improving my skill, I’m a better pilot in real life than on games, so, er, you have been warned.

You could teach Monkeys to fly better than me! :stuck_out_tongue: :roflmao:



Your newest Erk/FNG.


Hi Sawyer and welcome!

I hope you get your pc problems solved soon and can join us in the skies :slight_smile:

Welcome Sawyer, nice to see your minds made up already about the sqn u would like to join, like me i also have been 19 from the beginning…

You could teach Monkeys to fly better than me!

Thats our favourite quote :smiley: your half way there already.
Hope to see you monday evening …

Hello and nice to see you.

So, you’re hoping to be in 19sqn, well if you wanna be like the rest of 19, then perhaps you’d better fly using the arrow keys, that should get you flying in true nancy-boy style.:wink:

Welcome to EAF, hope you get your PC up soon, See you up there.:slight_smile:


Morning Sawyer… or may I call you Saw?:smiley: . Glad you have made the right descision straight off the bat old chap. It will pay dividends as you progress through your training and hopefully become a full Sqn member.
We are in the middle of a gruelling campaign against the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain at the moment, and the Sqn is achieving notable success at this time, much to the cost of the Luftwaffe!
I’m not sure about a ‘nancy’ boy style of flying…(good old Richy…lol), but one look at the campaign statistic board will show you 19 Sqn is right up there, with pilots making ‘Ace’ status and a high kill ratio…
Morale is high, and the Sqn is nearly full to capacity with budding pilots eager to fill the ranks… (God knows, we will need them if the Hun keeps this relentless pressure up).
I look forward to flying with you in future campaigns after you complete your pilots course, which may be rather rapid, depending on your ability of course.

Bung Ho Mate!

Thanks for the warm reception :smiley:

Looks like I’m going to Enjoy myself here :slight_smile:

Welcome Sawyer, dump your kit bags and someone will take you for a check ride on monday, if your about.

Hello Sawyer - and welcome to EAF!

Wilco, I doubt my net will be fixed by then, I should God Willing be on on Wednesday!

But for know I’ll just get myself squared away.

I dunno if any of you use xfire, but mines juanhunglow, and my MSN is (Slightly editted to fool those sneaky bots!)

UPDATE!: Literally, just as I put the XP cd in to reformat my computer (Because that is the answer to everything :p) My computer decided it wanted to go online! “Oh, Sh*t, he’s gonna reformat me! Better play nice!” - Hehe, if computers could talk…

Me, Insane, never :smiley:

Nice to meet you, Sawyer :slight_smile:

Ignore what the rest of them say, 19 is obviously the best squadron around here. Hope you manage to get your machine up and running online soon. Don’t hesitate to post in the technical questions forum - people round here can answer just about any query you might have.

Look forward to flying with you :slight_smile:

Hi Sawyer, Welcome aboard mate.

Welcome to the EAF Sawyer, 19 Squadron’s S/L (flies gliders out of Redhill) just passed his chainsaw exam so that’s a good start you two will have lots to talk about. Bark bast and cambium layer, South American hardwoods and how to minimise the environmental damage and so on- oh you read a book about kids stowing away on flat-bottomed river boats rgr that. Oi it has got a prop it’s on topic

I’ll send you on the Welcome To The EAF pack in a minute Flight Sergeant in the meanwhile there is the physical-


No that was me it’s the Silk Cut :slight_smile:


Welcome mate!

Hehe, very strict medical I see :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone for the Welcome, and I’ll see you in the skies tonight :smiley:

You’ll fit right in with 19 then :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the family, Sawyer. And dare I ask why you call yourself ‘juanhunglow’ :eek:

You’re welcome to fly with any squads before, during and after training - just hop in when you see any of us on HL.

Hi Sawyer nice to have you with us :slight_smile:

Long Story… :smiley:

He’s Chinese I bet, we’ve got a restaurant near us called Won Hung Lo is that him

Or he could have already failed the British Army physical of course


I dunno if any of you use xfire, but mines juanhunglow, and my MSN is (Slightly editted to fool those sneaky bots!)

No it’s not, that’s his spamtrap. His real email address is

[at this point the line went dead]

Wait a minute

Chinese restaurant owner
Security minded
Failed the Army Medical

It’s PeeGee again :slight_smile: