EAF DCS Server: Info & Announcements

Hi guys,
In this thread You will find every news that it will concerns our DCS Servers.
You will find when the server will be restarted, when a new mission (with some info about it) will be uploaded and on wich server, You will find when we will put offline a server for service and so on.
So try to keep on sight when there will be new post there because it will be important news for sure.

Server data:

EAF51 - Training Server A IP:

EAF51 - Training Server B IP:

EAF51 Free to All Dogfight Server C IP:



  • Server A and B restarted at 11:00 AM
  • Uploaded a new mission on Server B, a PVP/PVE sandbox on the Channel map created by Reflected, the guy behind every WWII campaigns on DCS.
    Here the info about the mission:

Mission Trailer:

Mission info:
"The plan was to create a massive WWII playground. The mission runs for 6 hours, and you can jump into any aircraft at any point, and you’ll still have plenty to do even if you’re the only human player on the server.

There are 3 main ground targets assigned to each side, but if you like, you can just roam the countryside looking for road and railway traffic, or ground units near airfields, industrial areas, or ships near the coast. For those who prefer air to air combat, 3 large raids will take off on each side during the mission. You can either escort the friendlies, or intercept the enemy bombers, as directed by your ground controller. There are also 6 smaller AI missions on each side that are randomized, meaning they will not always happen at the same time if you replay the mission. These are smaller formations attacking secondary targets. On top of this, AI patrols are taking off throughout the mission, and fighters are scrambled when an airfield is under attack. So even if you’re the only human player on the server, you need to watch your six.

There is also a photo recon mission available on each side, that enables you to take actual photos of the targets.

If you feel lonely, you can fly with an AI wingman.

If you still find yourself with nothing to do despite all of this happening, you can tune in to the BBC or Radio Berlin for a little entertainment.

Oh, did I mention the mission is fully voiced? There are nearly a hundred custom radio messages that will bring your ground controller to life.

Play it all alone, or as a coop with some friends, or run it on a server with dozens of players, ‘Fortress Europe’ will keep you entertained and offer something to do any time you jump into your aircraft of choice."

At the moment the mission seems totally free so will be running on our server but I asked the author for an official statement about running it on private multiplayer server so stay tuned.


Non vedo l’ora di provarlo. Can’t wait!

Cool! Any chance to add custom messages?


24/09/2021 18:30 - Manutenzione Server
Previsto shutdown di 30 minuti circa.
SeguirĂ  Bump per conferma sever di nuovo online.

09/24/2021 18:30 - Server Maintenance
Shutdown of about 30 minutes is expected.
Bump will follow for confirmation sever back online.

Edit: 18:45 Servers Up & Running

is fortress Europe mission Password protected?

Same of server A.

28/09/2021 Servers Maintenance
During the morning the servers will go on scheduled maintenance in preparation for tonight mission.
the Tacview module will also be installed for users who like to analyze flight recordings for educational purposes.

For who didn’t know Tacview and are interested in flying data recording and analysis the client module must also be installed on the client computer:
You can download it from:

PLS THIS IS NOT MANDATORY, you can safely continue to fly without as done until now.
For those who want to install but have doubts, it is regatta to wait to feel in TS to be guided step by step.

Server A Up & Running - AndrĂ  offline per cambio parametrizzazioni e caricamento missione Warpig alle 20:30 PM. TornerĂ  UP alle 20:45 con la missione coop del 28/09/2021
A fine serata verrĂ  restartato, verrano ripristinati i parametri soliti (compresa la password) e rimesso online.

Server B Up & Running - AndrĂ  offline alle 20:30 e verrĂ  rimesso online a fine serata.

Joker OUT.


Server A & B restored to normal functions.

Joker OUT

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Server Updated to [DCS Open Beta]
Restarted and Up & Running.

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New update today? Had missed that, will update tomorrow morning.

Are there any missions for a Mosquitto?

Sure, all the Missions have Mosquito. On server A You have the normal options for our training sessions, on server B You have a sandbox with a PVE/PVP environment.

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Thx. Ill test it out after the weekend :grinning:



Ciao a tutti, oggi ho abilitato sui server l’autorestart delle missioni, quindi non dovrebbe più succedere che vi loggate e trovate la missione in notturna.

Hello everyone, today I have enabled the autorestart of the missions on the servers, so it should no longer happen that you log in and find the mission at night.

Joker OUT


There should be an option that pauses the mission if no-one is logged on, but I haven’t tried to find how to set that up yet.

Is “resume with clients” but I prefer having things going on and have a restart scheduled. This also cause if some one shot some targets on ground, we could have a clean situation with fresh target at a scheduled time.

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