DCS Thursday

~S~ All,
There’s a possibility of DCS World on Thursday. If people are interested let me know and I will get to work on the Training map and make sure that I add the right aircraft so that everyone can fly. Just let me know if you’re going to join and what modules you have :smiley:

I currently have:
[li]FC3 aircraft (F-15C, Mig-29, Su-27, A-10A, Su25 etc.)
[/li][li]Blackshark II
[/li][li]Mirage 2000C


I’d like to join on thursday.
My list:
Mig 15
Mig 21

Though I haven’t flown DCS for while now and still have issues with my throttle, I have to set up my controls. Therefore I now prefer to fly the P51 or Sabre.

I also plan to join in on thursday.
My stable:

Like Pax I haven’t really set up my controls, so P-51 and/or Sabre sounds good for me as well.
I wish I had time to set up to fly the FC3 planes and A10 as well, but I really doubt that will happen anytime soon.

Got it but just have the basic planes… But fancy the F86, so basically what’s the best plane to get first


Not actively flying right now, and when I do it will be mainly in whatever the squadron is flying, but I want to keep DCS as my secondary sim.

[Spit IX] :slight_smile:

11 total +Spit when it arrives. Do I win a prize?

Got the kick starter package with the P51 and Spit (when it’s done). I haven’t even installed it yet, whats best to do to get it up and running?

Guess its 1.5 as 2, you have to buy the test map. Downloading 1.5 now.

I’m in what time?

SU 25 (not set up)
Ka-50 (Not much time on)

Would love to do a Mig 15 -VS- Sabre mission
“11 total +Spit when it arrives. Do I win a prize?” Tie,and when the F-5 comes out its a done deal. :slight_smile:

Probably a toss up between the F-86 and the P-51D, based on what we all seem to have. I really like both, think I prefer the F-86. If you want to know what the P-51D is like you have the TF-51 for free, it just has no ammo load outs. Flies the same though.

The Flaming Cliffs 3 aircraft are the easiest to fly and work out, as they are not fully moddled, systems wise. They’re all modern though.

Is there anything in particular that people would like to do?

We could just join a server and see what happens, but seeing as we don’t fly it very often it may be better to start off slowly. I’m happy to tweak the mission I have been working on to include all of the aircraft listed, we can shoot at each other or the AI, I can add ground targets too. I’ll take out most of the AAA as it is designed around the A-10C and Ka-50 more than anything at the moment - and it’s easy to take them out with the missiles, less so with machine guns!

I’m hoping to get an hour or so to work on it this evening, so let me know and I’ll see what I can incorporate into it.

EDIT: I’ve posted on the SoW forum about this, see if we can get a few more in.

Well, if an old 79’r can be grandfathered in… :slight_smile:

I have the following modules (because I’m slightly obsessive?)

SA324 Gazelle
L39 Albatross (waiting for MP!)
C-101 Aviojet
Fw 190-D9
Hawk T.1A
Mig 21Bis
F86 Sabre
P51D Mustang
UH-1H Huey

I shall post a more formal introduction elsewhere on the forum!

~S~ All,
Got a bit of a plan coming together, so 54 might be interested, Dixon may also be making an appearance too!

I’m thinking I can put together a bit of a ‘combined arms’ type thing, so we can all have a go at blowing something up! I can put in some AI aircraft for if we stray too far off course and we can all come togher and blow each other up at some point if we want to!

As a result I may start a mission from scratch, but it shouldn’t take me too long.

I think we should meet up on the SoW TS so that anyone can join in. I plan to be on from 19:00 - all being well so I will have a server live. I will put a password on it, so it’s not open to everyone, but I can give this out on TS or in the forums.

I’ll put stuff in for helicopters, modern stuff and the older stuff, so there will be a range of targets. I won’t put SAMs in!

It’s all about having a but of fun and seeing how we all get on with DCS really.

P.S Great to see you Spug! Hopefully it can be a regular thing and you can go through OTU!


Well, I’m back in the county and will be on on Thursday evening but suffering from jet lag pretty bad, so I don’t know how long I’ll last!

I don’t have DCS installed, won’t have the time to set it all up even if I started to download it on Thursday, so I’ll be on CLoD for the evening.

But will no doubt chat to you all on the evening.

Spuggy, so good to see you man! Really is. Is BlackAdder still alive and kicking?

Working late tomorrow so impossible to get everything setup…maybe next week.

Mission has been created. It includes the following aircraft:
[/li][li]Mirage 2000
There are AI aircraft linked to trigger zones. Fly into the zone and they will air spawn nearby.
There are ground targets to destroy - basic convoys. They may have AAA cover.
I have added an in-flight refuelling tanker too…not sure why, only the Mirage can use it and I have no idea how!!

Is that 19:00 EST? If so I can be there, if its GMT I cant, will be working.

Afraid not, that would be way too late for me to host. 19:00GMT+1 (BST)

Well, I’m going to pleased as punch to finally get some stick-time in good company! Looking forward to meeting some new folks, and saying a long overdue howdy to some old pals.

I’m just setting up my side-by-side installs for DCS (because there’s no way I’m re-downloading Nevada at 28Gb!), so should be good for any action. I think the impromptu creation of a formation flying team used to be a speciality of the 79 during my time there, be interesting to see if such shenanigans are still common. :slight_smile:

You’ll find the Italians put our formation flying efforts to shame!

Ok got the F86…still gonna have to get to grips with it, but looking forward to the change of scenery flying DCS, should be a laugh if nothing else:roflmao:


Congrats Red :slight_smile:

The basics and start up procedure aren’t that difficult of the F86.
For a button and switches fettish you’ll need the Mig 21 and not to speak off the A-10C.

You can find a lot of training videos for the Sabre on You Tube