Crysis .. playable demo 7 days away, game 29 days away ...

Looks like its a must have for me, and may well cuase a lot of people to think maybe they need to update their graphics card :wink:
Some screenies here:

The enemies use real-world military tactics?? Who’s been exporting Armed Assault to Mars?

Na… can’t say it flicks my switch, I’ll pass on that one… The graphics look pretty good though.

Is the drool apparent


I tried very hard to like the predecessor Far Cry, but although it was technologically very good, I simply don’t like fighting killer super mutant zombie gorillas from the planet Zog. Something about the way you pour assault-rifle fire into them and they don’t fall over and die. But instead jump off the wall and chew your face off. And I suspect this game will be the same. So I’ll stick to fighting F4s with the MiG-3 instead… er…

Cant wait some good ones coming out just in time for Christmas:w00t:. Make sure you check out the Call of Duty 4 demo its good stuff! :banana:

Crysis demo, not sure if it’ll need a key to unlock but anyway- 175K/sec so worth a bash, use GetRight or summat



Gamershell is (usually) a very fast UK site

Don’t forget for Assassin’s Creed goodness :slight_smile:


Hmmm … just been trying it out … nvidia’s site has a link and with a DL manager I was getting full speed.
Bit more than can be said for the game itself … my system is as powerful graphics card as you can buy, and at 1920x1200 4xAA and maximum details its very poor fps (circa 10fps), I knew it was going to be a demanding game for hardware, but I didn’t expect it to be so bad TBH.
Medium settings @ 1920 with no AA give just about playable levels … :eek:

Thats strange Majik.

You see, my friend has tried it out, and he has a ATI Redeon 1950 PRO, with 1400:1050 resolution, (something around that, dont remember exactly) and all on medium. plus sound, postprocess and game effects on high, he gets average fps of 25-30 fps. Quite good for such a card and such game actually.

His card is like at least 1/3 of yours, so its very strange if you don’t have more than that.:frowning:

But don’t worry too much, m8. Remember: This is a demo…unoptimized, the real game will be much better since this demo is not fully optimized as the release game will be, so keep it up.:slight_smile:

I get ~9-10 fps at 1920x1200 and 4xAA all settings at max (8800GTX).

If you goto the bin32/bin64 directories there are two benchmark tests there, one for GPU and one for CPU.

I’m getting around 18-20fps at 1680x1050, everything on medium and no AA turned on. This is running with 4gb of memory on Vista Ultimate (64bit) with my ATI X1950XT card.

New Nvidia beta drivers have just come out (have left these at defaults after install for now) and it’s running fast and really smooth with everything on High (Game’s own choice) at 1920x1200.

I’ve just lost the last 2 hours :slight_smile:

Graphics look stunning and those power up are just fun!!

Grab’em here ~

Thanks for the heads up Swoop, downloaded all 3 sets (XP, Vista 32, Vista 64) now :slight_smile:

Lovely Swoop thanks mate, huge framerate in there but you knew that :slight_smile:

Fairly amazing graphics every leaf and firefly is alive. Those birds I was crouching there boggling at their hyper-realistic animation and came under fire from flanking Korean gangsters. Decoy partridges, who knew.

I’m wandering around checking out the scenery. Ok after getting my arse kicked 400 times it encourages wild life studies* see it’s educational :slight_smile:

Now to try DX10 :slight_smile:


*good luck with the chainsaw ‘Lop Off A Limb For Zimbabwe’ massacre test!

Hmmm … ok so it looks like “very high” in the settings is DX10 as its greyed out in XP.

XP new drivers increase fps … nada,zilch,zip.
Vista 32 new drivers increase fps 50%.

Minimum playable settings, XP all high 1920x1200 2xAA. ~29 fps
Vista 32 all high except water and shaders, those on medium 1920x1200 no AA ~30. (very high just kills it, at least in 1920).

So much for DX10 introducing better visuals and more optimised speeds :rolleyes::slight_smile:

IIRC the HD2900 performs well with heavy shader use … wonder how that holds up …

It changed settings automatically to Very High and you may never see me again

Wow :slight_smile:

So far I’ve tangled with a bunch of land crabs, thrown the flare into the sea and sat on the bottom trying to pick it up again in what amounted to a trance- it’s called being entranced Ming see a clue is in the title there- fished for krill and swum out to the ship almost without seeing any sharks, nearly pumped-up enough to revisit the partridge gang

I avoided them and took a boat and currently run out of ammo inland. One longrange shot one kill was nice. Damn forgot about destroying the jammer. Didn’t like it too much first time, second time very enthralling might get this one if Assassin’s Creed is over-hyped


Settled on 1920x1200 2AA high settings with water and shaders on medium, for reasonable framerates with some AA.

Just played the demo through … bit more technical than I usually like but I might get it :slight_smile:
There was me taking a safe route swimming around the island when the boss radios me and tells me to get back on track, the waters are shark infested !
I get ashore at the earliest oppurtunity at the though of being sharkbait, and the guys on the boat nail me :roflmao:
Patience and the cloak … after some time, a pile of enemy corpses lay scatttered in my vicinity :stuck_out_tongue:
Driven a humvee and some pickups … not tried a boat, were did you find one at Ming ?
All the ones I saw were loaded with enemy and machineguns :eek:

Ooops … they dropped a clanger somewere nvidia or crysis one or the other … run the game in Vista64 and it won’t get past the first splash screen unless you use the 32 bit game exe … a quick google confirmed its not just me.
for something that allegedly demonstrates the cutting edge of gaming, its a bit blunt :roflmao:

Runs quicker in DX9/XP, looks no worse, and has issues in 64bit.
Then I realise its EA … that isn’t a suprise :wink:

I quite like this, but It looks like it needs a patch before its worth shelling out cash for.

I just have a weak GeForce 7600GT. Have 1024x768, all on medium and Sound quality on high, no AA.

Get average 19-20 fps (used the built-in benchmark).

I’m surprised that my card can handle so many frames, so I’m actually satisfied, when taking the card in consideration.

But that does not mean I’m not willing to buy a new card. I have been thinking on buying a ATI 2900. Tests have shown that it is much better than NVIDIA on high resolutions, around 10-15 frames difference, sometimes 20-30. :eek:

Anyway, I love Crysis, its engine is just so marvelous! And the thing I like most with this demo is the editor, even though its very annoying and time demanding. and in some ways extremly unpractical: moving objects for example. I have tested many other editors which is much, much better (Faces of War and OFP editor is a very good one), and much more user friendly, wished they could implement that into Crysis. :wink:

Oh btw: Managed the demo on Delta, extremly satisfying, demanding and fun!!!:banana:

@Majik: To capture a boat, kill their darn gunner and swim after the boat! Or shoot the driver if youre a good sniper as well. You can find the boats patrolling the coast of the island, very easy to see, very ease to bee seen…