Congrats to Whizz - a young at heart new Daddy

Our Whizz is too shy to say, so I’ll say it…

Congratulations my friend! :banana::banana::banana:

Mr and Mrs Whizz are now proud parents with their newly adopted child. They have been waiting anxiously and doing their best to be recognised as good parents. Then they had to wait for the right child to come along.

I am really pleased for them, and wish them all the best as they enjoy bringing up their son and I know they will be a great daddy and mummy.

Best wishes for them and their new kid. Give the child a good future he may not have had otherwise.:slight_smile:

Congrats m8!!

As a lawyer, I know how hard and frustrating :confused: it can be to finally get an adoption through all the mazes of the law…

So, all the best of luck to you and the misses:ani_beer:

congrats mate

i know how hard it is, my neighbours also adopted a chield, and it was indeed frustrating.

my best wishes to you my friend

Congrats to you and your new family.

Grattis! :slight_smile:

When I started to read Joes post I wondered why I didn’t notice anything when I met the two of you… :roll:

Great move, Whizz!!! :banana:

Heartly congratulations to Hazel & our beloved 51 friend Guizzo!!! :anpeace:

Congraulations to both of you, and good luck(they’re expensive little blighters!!):smiley:



Best Wishes To You and your Wife!!!:holiday:

Congrats to both.

Fantastic news!:slight_smile:

Now you have to start training them up on Il-2…:smiley:

Best wishes to all of you!

Well done Whizz and Mrs Whizz, just in time for Christmas too

My brother-in-law Ian’s wife Glynis has just blown out her original sisters coincidentally this last week Bill, they got in touch with her a year or two back, she finally decided she doesn’t even like them. Sorry it sounds like a soap opera but she actually told them to their faces “It’s not working”

She loves her real Mum who adopted her to bits. I’m filling up here :slight_smile:


Congratulations to Whizz and your wife!:):):slight_smile:

Great news!:banana:

Congrats you both :w00t:

Well done, "Whizzies! :slight_smile:
I whish all of you happiness and love!

Spot on Whizzer old chap… Now comes the next sixteen years of sleepless nights!!:roflmao:

Congrats and good luck for the future Mr & Mrs Whizz.


Congrats to you both Whizz! :slight_smile:

What a fantastic event! I’m so glad for you Whizz! Best wishes for you, your wife and your adopted child!:banana::banana::banana:

Lets have a party for this magnificent victory to your family!

My best wishes to the new kid Whizz and Mrs. and Mr. Whizz!