CLOD with Apollo

Tomorrow morning (SAT 16th) 0900 GMT/ 1700 HK time on TS.

Il2 Cliffs of Dover - Bomber intercept on ATAG

Anyone interested?

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i can’t in the morning… probably in the afternoon i’m on… see you!

I will say hello to Apollo in TS :slight_smile:

I’ll be on TS from now on - 14.00 CET, hope to see some of you today (Sat). :slight_smile:

Sorry guys for being AWOL.
Was too tired tonight since I was up much too late last night. Didn’t want another bad night, lol.

No worries Apollo!

Well, I couldn’t resist.
Good seeing so many of my brothers on TS tonight. Good talking to you.
Lets hope we can do some flying soon.


Was fun and very immersive with Stuntman Baz and Storm!
Thank you very much guys!

Thanks to you Walty, …always a pleasure.:slight_smile:


Was great fun Walty! Good as always to fly with you Baz and Storm. :slight_smile:

I’ll be online in 40 mins, at 12:00 GMT., Sunday.
I know its late notice, but anyway.

Anyone want to fly today, tomorrow? Let me know…I’ll look in on TS in two hours from now.

Anyone want to fly today, tomorrow? Let me know…I’ll look in on TS in two hours from now.
I also have HSFX7.01.

Hello Erik,
Maybe tomorrow…
It would be great to have CoD sessions like last saturday.
I need practice with it (and fly again with you;))
Try to give a look in TS around 02.30 PM CET
Thank you!

i can be online probably:

  • today from 17.30 to 19.00 CET
  • tomorrow morning from 09.00 to 11.30 CET

see you in case…

Thanks gents.
Storm. I’ll look into TS at that time.
Walty. I’ll make sure to be online tomorrow as well.


I’ll be online with Storm this afternoon (1730CET) and try to hook up with you guys tomorrow for some more CLOD goodness.


I have today and the next 3 days off work.

But due to recent events I now have to go to work tomorrow.

Have fun


Too tired to stay up til 02:00, but I’ll see you tomorrow…

This morning i’m very late. i can be online at about 10 CET… sorry! :frowning: