CLOD EAF MAXIMUM EFFORT Thursday 2 October 21.30 CET

Some cliff of dover tournaments are about to start and there’s EAF interest in them.
may be we need some practice and squadrons integration…

why don’t we try to reunite the pilots flying Clod in a dedicated night?
i would suggest an EAF maximum effort with every squad providing all the pilots available!
that way according to the response we could form up a nice group and have fun!

i would suggest joining ATAG and perform a CAP or if we have some bombers up to the task provide a strike team + escort…
if the night is successful and we like it we can ask other squads active on ATAG if they want join our work and perhaps split cap zones etc…

21.30 CET this THURSDAY???

Our squads are scattered among different fight sims…
this could be an occasion to fly more together… BAZ with his campaign is brilliantly trying to do something similar for il2 EAF pilots…

Very good Jimmi!!!

I would be interested in joining also…but unfortunately, Thursdays are a no go for me due to my Wing Chun training that night…maybe next time.

Thinking of those that don’t have or can’t afford to play CLOD, I suggest we have a big IL-2 dogfight session with everyone that lasts at least an hour, before we move on to Cliffs. It would be best not to leave EAF’ers alone and instead, fly the two sims all together on the same night.

I would suggest the IL-2 dogfight starts when most EAFers join, at 20.00 BST / 21.00 CET. Then move on to CLOD at 21.00 BST / 22.00 CET.

Thank you Jimmi and the great guys in 51 for Mondays support.

I will of course commit to CLOD on Thursdays and I’m happy to play both IL2 1946/COD or just CLOD .

Whatever is decided, I will support it and where I can (time permitting) I will offer to host IL2 1946 and CLOD as well as build custom scenarios for CLOD if anything specific is required for training etc.


Ottimo Jimmi :slight_smile:

322 is in :smiley:

Baz…I would need a little training on the flight systems etc…would you be able to knock something up and I could fly with you sometime etc??

Yeah absolutely Puff.
What did you have in mind?

Alternatively we can jump on ATAG and I can help you set things up (graphics/PC performance/joystick) and show you around the cockpit (setting compass, guns etc).


Sounds fine, what about this evening about 8ish? You can keep me right…I have graphics and stick etc set up, just need some work on loadouts and engine management…some stuff don’t seem right compared to pilot notes for the spitfire etc.

Love to Jimmi!! I think you knew that already.

Marsh?? and if Ming is about??

Cyclops mate do you fancy swapping 2 wings for 1 for a bit?

Stuntman, nobody wants to leave alone those than cannot run CloD, in fact we have in agenda and we are running IL2 activities and trainings.
The matter is that yes IL2 has a more complete environnment and planes setup but a simpler FM and with CloD SEOWs near to begin would be good to practice in it the more we can. :wink:

I would say… let’s keep it simple and have a Clod night only.
It’s a test to count ourself and see how many pilots are interested.

spread the word guys i foresee a big balbo of EAF spits and hurries :wink:


I’ll be about from 8.00 for approx an hour.

See you later.


Sounds fun Jimmi. I’ll be there for some CLOD. Think Stuntmans suggestion with IL-2 session first and moving to CLOD is a good one. Hopefully Mikke can make an exception and stay up a bit longer that night… :wink:

No, unfortunately I have to leave at my normal time (bit before 22:00 CET). So I’d prefer that we started earlier rather then later. :wink:
And no IL-2 for me, not installed on my new PC.

I might add that if someone does have COD, but haven’t really flown in it before, time is much better spent learning to get the plane off the ground instead of wasting time in IL-2. :tongue2: And don’t be afraid to ask for help! It can be tricky to get a Spit or a Hurry up in the air the first time or two, landing I’m still learning. :o

I can put CLOD back up for practice sessions to fill in the numbers if you need it.
However, my knee surgery is in 1 month time (supposed to happen already but got rescheduled) so you can’t really count on me for that online war.

I will try to get on for this evening as well. Need to spend some time getting back up to speed with cockpit layout etc.

Will we meet on EAF TS?


Yes EAF TS CLOD channels!

@Cyclops come it’s more fun flying together!

Com’on, Cy! Join us! :wink:

Ditto Cy :slight_smile: and will be good see you to WB