bad company 2 sign here

Ok tomorrow I will go take my copy of this game, post here you nick for add friends I will post mine tomorrow after regitred

Kristorf (suprising really that one…)

Mine would be EGF_Zulu and if you post in here what time you will be on i will try and get on and meet you

PC or Xbox Live?

I play on pc Joe I don’t have a games console cant really see the point of have 1 when i can play all on pc

EGF_Ming is me, playing on Steam, PC.

I haven’t played lately with the patches and server fixes which I hope have fixed the joining-server problems


BC2 state-update


I hate my seller he hasn’t take my copy

It’s on Steam Wildy, auto-updates (patches) very nice


I know but I’ve half payed this stupid If I don’t receive it for friday I’ll find another way

Interesting video in this thread- of the roles in BC2, with examples of the sandbox style and how not to be a er, raw recruit :slight_smile:


Got it I hope would like to try it online this evening

ok I’m EGF_Wildcat

When I’ll play BC2 chaps - I’ll look into our EAF TS server to see if anyone’s in. Down the bottom of the TS window is ‘Ze Party Channel’ - we can use that channel because Hiawatha set it up for us for team games

For a good experience btw one can use the Tactical Gamers site and servers, but this organised thing can make one tense and too much ‘military’, not enough fun. War is not fun. But big explosions are of course always good :slight_smile:


I’ve problem with my account I’ve created it but when I do the access can’t log in it ask for cdkey
I put cdkey but it tell that is already used

now I’ve disabled account but cdkey is already in use I begin to hate this game

I put cdkey but it tell that is already used

Maybe the key is linked to the person you got the (entirely legal I am sure) copy from?

If you buy it on Steam it is like Il-2, you will play it for a long time I think, it’s only money :slight_smile:


the key is mine but it can’t accept my account, now I’ve dismiss my account but I can’t create a newone because it exist

Stupid programmer!

I had an hour very late last night, joining was very quick after the patch/update. It’s a blast when your platoon of four are running across a river to capture an enemy-held strongpoint - all in combat spread as three of us spawn in on the only guy left alive :slight_smile:

Highly recommended multiplayer game for stress-relief and relaxation, and the big explosions are the cherry on the cake :slight_smile:


ok work now but I dont like i tso much :frowning:

Yesterday I’ve just played with Seyou and Wolf on good server “conquer” I enjoyed but I think there are some bug like request of friendship and list of servers ah very important is your ping