This is an unofficial FSR mod for VR Release FidelityFX SuperResolution for SteamVR games v1.1 · fholger/openvr_fsr · GitHub
For DCS you should go bin folder and (backup openvrapi.dll file) replace the openvrapi.dll file with the one you downloaded, also paste the openvr_mod textfile to the same folder and you should be good to go.
The mod should work with any steam vr or oculus vr game, it works the same way with file replacement in every game, you just have to find the openvrapi.dll which isn’t always in bin folder, sometimes it’s in data or maybe somwhere else.
As for personal experience, the game feels more stable and with higher fps, the image is a bit different but i can’t really say way, the only noticable thing is that it’s more difficult to spot (the dots appear a bit smaller) but overall this mod is a saving grace.


i will try it!

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Hope it works.