11 sept. 2001


In memory of all those who lost their lives, either in the terroristic attack, either in working as others may live.

Thanks Chip for reminder.

Almost exactly 6 years ago I heard about it (6 years and one hour IIRC), at first I thought the buddy who phoned me about it was joking, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

six years ago, I was ten years old when it happened, still remember it very good.:frowning:

I believe that the US government did the attack.

Not a chance, no way, no how. You can blame them for having done quite a bit during the years, but trying to pin that on them is far, far away. Don’t even go there…

Please, have a look at this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=PWgSaBT9hNU

And if you search youtube for more if this, you will find a lot of it. I’ve seen many like that one and I believe them.

9/11.01…Yes…a sad, sad day. Let us never forget it, and let it be a reminder on why we should improve our relations with the world.

Let us mourn about the deaths of the attack, and adore the firecrew who gave their lives so we may live.

I saw it happening on live TV, no creative video will convince me othervice. Doesn’t matter how many clips of agitated people that have just lived through the worst thing thats probably ever happened to them trying to describe what just happened.

Have you ever heard a steel rod break from simply pulling it off? I have, it makes a bang, no explosions involved. Fire can also make bangs that might sound like an explosion. Lots of totally natural (well, as far you can call flying a full airliner into a big building natural) explanations for what sounds like an explosion. The words uneducated reporters and agitated people use to describe something doesn’t have to mean that those exact words is actually the exact meanings of the words.

911revisited is BS, reminds me of revisionists that denies that the holocaust ever happened, what makes them tick, I don’t know, but nothing I’ve seen from them gives me any reason to believe them. The only exception in the video is the professor, and he (of course) isn’t sure, and don’t want to point any fingers.

The explanation from the engineers that investigated what happened is totally believable, no contradictions as far as I can remember.

Well, again, enough of this, it will only get ugly if this continues.

As others have said: Never forget!

The explosions were only one example, I could dig up a lot more on this “attack” but I won’t, since people can look for it themselves if they want to. But I really think you guys should, I recommend taking an extra look at this. Open your eyes up!


Open your eyes up!

Enough of this Zhibbhi, this isn’t what Chip’s post is about.

This is utterly important, Commander…

I can’t also forget that, during WWII, the Italian Royal Family Savoia had a lot of money invested in a British Victory Fund, established in a London Bank :eek:: when the war against the Allies was over in 1943, they fled to Portugal, leaving millions of Italian soldiers & civilians to their destiny; afterwards, in 1946, they gained MILLIONS of Pounds, while our Country was 70% destroyed…:rolleyes:

Never forget, and learn the lesson: mourn the casualties, respect true heroes, and be very careful about stating political & material responsibilities…:wink:

Remember the saying “War is a scientifical massacre between moltitudes of men than don’t know each other, organized by a few that perfectly know each other, and would never fight each other” ?

Well, never been so true as in this case…

I saw it happening on live TV.

Same here Mikke :frowning:

911 revisited is BS, reminds me of revisionists that denies that the holocaust ever happened

Same here Mikke.

it will only get ugly

I pre-deleted what I’d written in reply to suggestions of conspiracy, you’ll know what and why sir. Thanks Chip.


I will never forget it either.
seen it live at tv.

i have my own taughts about it. not going to say. it’s of topic

but this image / situation will stay in my taughts forever.

A shocking reminder to us all of the evil in this world.

I saw it too, live, and still feel the shock and disbelief that men can do such to his own kind…but they do.

God rest all the innocent souls, and God have mercy on the guilty souls, whoever they believe their god to be.

I still remember when i first heard of it. It was my week off work and i was on the computer. i had an MSN message from an old internet friend called dancin fool. He said, “have you seen the news?” I was like, “No. Why?”

“A plane crashed into the world trade centre!”

Even then, I wasn`t too perturbed, thinking it was the inevitable little cessna crashing into tall buildings accident, but when I checked the Sky news on the net, I realised it was much, much worse. And of course the subsequent events with the collapse were unbelievable.

Enough of this Zhibbhi, this isn’t what Chip’s post is about.

Ok, I am sorry

Sad day, sad event. :frowning: Lesson for the future. Never forget!!!

I believe that the US government did the attack

Zhibbhi, This is the most Insulting stupidity I have ever heard. But since you told your age I can see why you would believe such an absurd conspiracy.
Thank you for the folks who remember this day and can acknowledge the fact there is evil in this world and it is from the Terrorist. Zahibbhi, is it true that the United States Government also were involved with the Subway bombings in London? Grow up, get off You Tube and learn the Facts!

I’m sorry that it did insult you Osprey, but just because I’m sixteen, it doesn’t mean that I’m stupid! I know several grownups that believe the same as I. These facts exists many other places than Youtube, Fahrenheit 9/11 for example is a professional film about the same happening. I’m insulting the government, not the US people itself, you had nothing to do with this. And I have no idea about who did the attack on the London Subway. In this world, it is not always good against evil.:frowning:

I’m sorry for starting this discussion guys.

Zhibbi young fella, you may not be stupid because of your age but you are showing a certain amount of Niavity. There are a few vocal people who have the opinion that 9/11 isn’t what it seemed. However there is an even larger majority that watched what happen before their very eyes. Some may have benefited from the conflict in the middle east but predicting two aircraft flying into the twin towers would have seemed an unlikely way to attack the US, hence the great feeling of shock around the world.

As for the London bombs there is absolutely no doubt at all about who did it, why they did it and on whose behalf it was carried out. Same as the Madrid train attack as well.