Zuti 1.2

Zuti has released a beta 1.2
I will not be installing it until its official.
I looked at the pdf,s and multicrew looks fun:)


As promised I am releasing a public BETA of upcoming MDS v1.2. Once again, treat this as BETA. BETA. Though in testing for quite some time the amount of entirely new code is horrendous and new features add few levels of additional complexity. Especially multi crew and controls transfer/instructor features.

Before I put up links, I have to request of you once more that you follow my humble requests when dealing with this:

  • test it with SMALL, focused missions. By that I mean that you set up missions with specific goals and not too much units so that debugging can be easier and that missions don’t load half an hour. If you want to test Multi Crew, why not just put up few AI bombers that others can join as crew or users can spawn as pilots of bombers and others can join them and then, well, kill each other? Don’t over complicate for now.
  • this one is really important, so, in caps: READ THE MANUAL
  • also this one is good: try out supplied test missions. Most of them were thoroughly checked and are working. At least for those that were testing.
  • before releasing this release was tested for CRT=2 compliance. IT PASSED, so, it works. If it doesn’t for you, make sure your files and mods folders are IDENTICAL on server and client side. By that I really mean IDENTICAL, to the last byte of them. No screwing up regarding this.

Old Missions
Ok, another important aspect of new MDS is that mission file structure was changed in regards to MDS variables. No need to go to much detail here but I did try to ensure that old (v1.13) missions will load up OK. Exceptions are not impossible so you might want to try to load them up in FMB and check if everything is as it should be. Your call. Once you save them you’ll have the mission in latest form.

MDS Monitor
It comes with it. It works. Read it’s manual

And last point: USE ONLY WITH UP 2.01 version!!!