Zippin' Up Your Boots.....

…going down to the roots …: no, not the Lamont Dozier, Odyssey thing,

but probing whether there is an interest in having some fun playing “Red Orchestra” together on a free server…provided by the game…

You guys, who got the game, don’t you think we could make something out of it?

Still remember the fun we had a while ago, when we manged to meet on special evenings.

Lets do it again.

What do you think.


I am playing Darkest Hour a lot. Red Ochestra itself: not anymore. Infantry in the 29th-server and Tank in the Jolly Rodgers-server. With a good mortar operator and observer team you can be devastating.

red orchestra or red orchestra 2…???

I’m speaking about Red Orchestra and the add on Darkest Hour as well Jimmy.

I have Red Orchestra2 installed, but I was thinking about Red Orchestra, because its playable on all computers (hardwarewise) of the guys here I’m sure.

I know you like it Bob. Yes, sure, Darkest Hour.

Lately I played the old Red Orchestra as well…and its still a good game I think.

Would be cool, if we could organize an evening for a couple of sessions.

I have Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45

I am willing to give it a go if we can arrange a night:D


We had much fun on Red Orch didn’t we Hiaw:roflmao:! I don’t have the game DL anymore but have really been getting into ARMA2 with Meako, not as humorous but very intense and tactics driven.

I am loving RO Darkest Hour, particularly the Jolly Rodgers server and love Arma2 have had many a good session with Oz, we seem to have some good fun in the Insurgency servers.

I love nothing better than taking on superior forces in Arma 2 armed with a trusty lee enfield.

Hopefully soon i can reinstall both of these games as well as IL2, ROF etc.

A Lee Enfield in Arma 2? Is that the Invasion 44 mod? Nicest bolt action rifle in Darkest Hour.

No it’s in Operation Arrowhead expansion, or perhaps even ArmA 2, not sure. But it’s not a mod.

Personally I have both RO and I used to have Darkest Hour - I only played it once and alone, but I would enjoy a night out with you lads if we get a game going in either game…or ArmA 2.:smiley:

Darkest Hour in the 29th server can be intense. But often filled up to the max of 70 players.

I did not play Arma2 Operation Arrowhead so the Lee Enfield is still locked. I only bought the addon to play Invasion44 on Arma2.

I have arma 2 operation arrowhead and on the insurgency servers as taliban its one of the available weapons as are ied’s. My best session i took out a armoured hmmwv, and its crew then they sent a follow up hmmwv which i too out with an ied near the first finally they sent a blackhawk which i shot down with the mg of one of the hmmwv’s i knocked out. Not bad for a single talib.

We need to get this done, Set a date. :slight_smile:

I have Arma2 OA but no combined forces or any of the DLC. Hard to play online this way, but if its possible to set up a game only for OA that would be fine with me :slight_smile:

Have any of you ARMA II chaps seen the DayZ Mod. Its pushed ARMA II up to the top of the Steam sales rankings…

Looks good if you like zombie/apocolyptic type games.

There’s a good thread on SimHQ about it. Must say I’m interested. Its like a Sim version of L4D. :slight_smile:

Waiting for this coming out, next Friday 25th