You have a new friend!!

Hi All,
I’m Stefano from Genoa(Italy)…34 years old.
I was “22GCT_Tempesta” before and I fought with axis. It’s only 2 years I’m playing with IL2. I’m joining this great international group to be near the wings of my great friend “EAF51_Voss” that was my instructor in the past.
There is another guy is coming with me…His name is Fiorenzo…Is my best friend in life. He live in France now…And for me is also an opportunity to have this fellow near me!!:stuck_out_tongue:
I have a very strange hobby…I collect military helmets of WWII…So if you have something…Let me know!!:wink:

I am very happy to make experience in the EAF…Also to upgrade my English!!

After the first connecting on TS…I realized to have very nice new friends here.

Thank you guys!!

See you in the sky!!:anpeace:

Welcome to the EAF, Stefano:D

EAF51_Voss" that was my instructor in the past.

Do I see a potential T/O here:roflmao:


welcome Storm!

Welcome Tempesta.
I hope you and your friend will like it here.
Getting a better engish is a big goal. I say this as an Dane (I am from Denmark, and no it is not a city in Sweeden :rolleyes:). Every time I think I know english it seems to get larger. Maybe I should learn Italien :).

EAF are large, so we should be able to provide oppotinities. BTW: <it is not a demand that you fly in the Italien Wing…notch, notch :wink:
Ther are some great guys in 322 and 331 :smiley:

Jokes aside. Welcome :smiley:

Welcome to the EAF Tempesta!

Tempesta = Storm Wildcat?

Same in English :slight_smile:


Welcome Tempestad :slight_smile:

Welcome to the EAF, Im sure you will feel like at home here.

See you up high

Welcome Tempesta :slight_smile:

Welcome Tempesta :smiley:

Welcome to the EAF Tempesta. :slight_smile:

Enjoy matey

Welcome to the EAF! :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard Tempesta!:smiley:

hello there Tempesta ,

we had an accident with Stukas in 22gct training room nearby the hangars a while ago: one of the best explosion domino sequence i seen :smiley:

then it isn’t my HQ but welcome anyway :wink:


Welcome Tempesta !

EAF are a great bunch of lads.


Welcome aboard Tempesta, see you in the skies soon.