Yassy says hello

Good evening, gentlemen!
My name is Yassy, in my thirties and from the Netherlands.
I’ve been sent here by EAF19_Swoop on the Storm of War forums where I poked my head as well.

I have been simming for quite some time and I am an active member in an DCS squadron where we fly the A-10C.
Lately, the air to air combat itch has returned and I was pointed towards the TF mod for CLoD and the SOW server.

I am very pleased with the community so far. On TS I was immediately assisted in setting up the sim.
Very mature and helpful.

I fly Boeing 737 in real life as an airline pilot, so the nature of my job makes me available at irregular times. For example I cannot commit to fixed days of the week.

So a hearty hello from me. Hope to see you guys up there.

Wow, another real pilot!!!:banana::banana::banana:

Welcome aboard!!!:w00t::w00t:

welcome Yassi

Hallo en welkom bij de EAF Yassy :slight_smile:

It might be shocking to get from a modern Warthog into a Hurricane, but the feeling of torque and wind will be great :slight_smile:

I hope you will like it in our European bunch and the RAF wants you! :wink:

Looking forward to fly with you

Pax aka Paul

Thank you all for the warm welcome!
Do you guys generally meet on the server or are there planning threads I need to keep an eye on?

WOW another one!!!

Welcome on board!

pls check this

and write a mail to:

i will replay you with EAF rules :wink:

Hey Yassy!
Welcome here!
It’s superb to havewith us another “real” pilot!
I hope to have you flying with us soon.
Send the recruitment mail, we’re waiting for you!

Thank you all for making me feel welcome, gents! Really appreciated.
I have sent the recruitment email. :slight_smile:

Now, do we mostly fly the Hurricane or the Spitfire on SoW? And which variant will be the most common?

As this is a public room and the German flyers are reading this as well I can only say we’re flying solo the Tiger Moth on Storm of War :wink: But of course it wouldn’t hurt to practice our real stallions like the Hawker Hurricane 1 100 octane rotol or the Supermarine Spitfire 1a 100 octane :slight_smile:

For all formation and participation you have first to present yourself at the OTU desk they will give you all the information and get you on the saddle :slight_smile:

Welcome Yassy, hope to fly with you soon!

Just a small heads-up. I haven’t received any confirmation yet about you guys receiving my application email.
Did my request end up in your spam folder or is it normal that it takes several days?

Hi Yassy

good that you wrote, I can’t find your mail in the server. Could you please send it again? Also, I’ll send you my email by pm so you can forward it there too, just in case.

Sent again. With you as ‘CC’, Nepe. :banana:

Hi Yassy

welcome letter sent!

PS we know that with your work you’ll have an irregular attendance. Our unofficial rule is that real life come first, so if you partecipate to our squadron life in the forum and in the virtual sky (when you can) there won’t be problems!

Mikke can you register Yassy as a trainee on the forum?

Thanks Jimmi! I got the welcome mail.
Should I re-register on this forum with a new account that has the EAF_ prefix, or will a moderator change my callsign?

I think Mikke will change your callsign!