x52 dat file

S! all

As I have been away for some time now and got myself a x52. I need some advise how to set it up…pls mail me your dat file to ronny.larsson@home.se
so I can see how you guys are setting it up.

MVH Wasp

I know Nepe got x52 but there should be more of you guys that can provide Wasp with some help :wink:

when you say dat file is that the profile? I’ll assume its the profile, mine is in the post :slight_smile:

many thx Classic :slight_smile:

Now to the next issue, what can you use the precision slider for ??

I se that Classic is not using it on his profile, but I just whant to know how or to what it can be used… I know you Nepe have a x52 do you use it in your profile ?

Your wrong there Wasp, i do use it but i dont profile it. In game i setup the precision slider as flaps control, giving me fine flap control in all aircraft, even those such as the Spitfire which only has two flap settins up and down, with my precision slider i can put in a little bit of combat flap whenever i like :slight_smile:

This is a good idea Classic. I progammed the slider for prop-pitch, but maybe change it now. Wasp, you can see how I programmed my stick in this thread

I use the slider to zoom my view.
I hope you got the profile I sent you a couple of days ago, Wasp.

Thx boys :slight_smile: I’m getting there :slight_smile: And this to have the slider set to Flaps is great :slight_smile:

Many thx :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey Wasp! :slight_smile:

good to see you around mate.

I use the precision slider for prop pitch. If you want another dat for comparison I can send you mine .

@ Nepe pls do, never wrong to have more inputs wen dealing with profiles :slight_smile:

Roger, Wilco tonight