X-PLANE 12 is out!

and apparently it has great VR integration!

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[For english friends, pls go with translator. I’m in a hurry, forgive me :sweat_smile: ]

Installata la demo, provata 5 min ma mi ci dedicherò meglio stasera.
Certo, con le caratteristiche di scenario a cui ci ha abituato FS2020 è una partita dura eh.
Anche come fluidità e prestazioni “out of the box” non è ai livelli del rivale, ad un primo sguardo.

Potrebbe però guadagnare molto dove FS2020 invece pecca: usabilità, configurazione e, soprattutto, risorse per chi realizza gli add-on.
Su quel piano è una piattaforma già ben testata, mentre FS2020 è totalmente nuovo e ancora manca di molti strumenti che facilitano il lavoro degli sviluppatori esterni.

Vediamo che impatto sul mercato avrà questa release. Di certo è pieno di puristi della simulazione che non vedranno l’ora di salutare i compromessi ai quali, necessariamente, FS2020 ti obbliga a scendere, al momento.


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do not forget flight models… I guess Xplane is way better then Flgith simulator (at least this is the perception I’ve always had)

Conceptually it is, and it was an evident feeling when switching between FSX and XP11 (even if there were FSX addons that were very nicely modelled).
FS2020 definitely improved flight model. I’m not aware about it being still parametric or something similar to XP11 fluids physics simulation, but you’ve got very good feelings now and realistic responses from sorrounding scenery (turbulences over hills, etc…). It still depends a lot on developers and base pack planes are quite simplified, but it’s much better than before IMHO.

Several skilled users (engineers and RL pilots) report that MSFS FM is the best around right now (considering civil aviation simulators).

I must say, ground handling in XP12 feels very nice (tried stock 738, in MSFS I use PMDG 737). You realistically bounce a bit on the wheels when hitting the brakes and have the expected feeling of weight. Not the sweet spot for MSFS instead.

Once airborne… I feel MSFS more natural, but it could be because I’m finally used to it, while XP12 is new for me.

Demo’s 15 minutes are quite short, so I’ll try again in the evening.

In the end, when we talk about scenes…

FS2020, stock scenery, PMDG 737

XP12, stock scenery, stock 738

Yes, was higher in MSFS one… :sweat_smile:

But this look VERY interesting, anyway! Damn, all of this is too much for a 15 minutes demo flight!
Shall I spend 60 bucks to test all of this??? :joy:

can’t wait to test in VR…

hai già provato a guardare pornazzi in VR? :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Facciamo una mod che ti permetta di guardare pornazzi nell’EFB in cabina mentre voli nel simulatore, in VR. Piano di abbonamento, 1€ al mese. Abbiamo fatto i soldi tra un annetto scarso. :sunglasses:

Sono uno stronzo. Tutto dovevo fare tranne spendere 'sti soldi per comprarlo.


For sure, FS2020 is not “nerd” enough to make something like this observable to everyone (and I don’t know if FS2020 flight model is accurate to this level):

Visualization of forces generated by plane elements.
Beside the main and most obvious one, the lift generated by wings, please note:

  • The horizontal stabilizers generate downward forces except for a small region in the inner part of the left stabilizer. This is due to the propwash taken into account in the FM calculation
  • For the same reason (not clearly visible in this picture) vertical stabilizer generates rightward thrust near the root and leftward thrust near the top.
  • Notice that prop blades generate more lift at the tip and less towards the root. This is because AoA of blades is higher at the tip while it’s neutral at the root (the root is actually producing a little drag instad of thrust. This becomes more evident with engine at idle settings)
  • Gran finale: structural parts generates lift, too! Look at the wing support rods! It’s actually simulated!

Very, very interesting!


msfs is very arcady tbh, il2 has better physics

Don’t be so rough, c’mon :laughing:
I think, first of all, that it’s not useful to compare flight models of combat sims with those of civil aviation sims. There are much different things that you expect from them.
I swear that, after flying DCS warbirds along the week, I’ve found too simple even the real ultralight plane I used to fly in the weekend :joy:

MSFS for sure aims to a broader audience and is focused more on visual experience. You can call XPlane a “fluids physics simulator” probably. But MSFS brought in the possibility to REALLY fly VFR for example, and puts you in a totally immersive environment. The other stuff is left to plane developers.
I fly PMDG 737 for ex and, as far as I know, I’ve got something very, very close to the real plane behaviour and systems. Together with the most realistic visual environment in the market at the moment.
It’s great to see how in XP12 you’ve got everything to work as expected talking about physics and it has a MUCH better interaction and user exp too.

It depends on what you want in a particular moment. But simply asserting “msfs = arcade” is unfair IMHO :relieved:

tested in VR. Lot of issues with Rverb G2 and SteamVR.
OpenXR not supported… yet