WW2 tactical game?

Is there anything out there like the good ol’ Panzer General but abit more up to date? I don’t need a spectacular 3D Sorrounding, but the textures should be nice and not blurry, giving good immersion for nowadays.

i play a couple of games from www.battlefront.com

my favourite from them is combat mission 2 and 3, very good games, very realistic with some great battles to be had.

also the game strategic commander, which is more like panzer general but a little more complex, again a good game.

You should try Blitzkrieg, I really love that game, I play it myself too

Hearts of Iron II is not exactly like Panzer general, but in my opinion tactical and fun:

Oh yeah, I have Hearts of Iron (both) myself and enjoy it alot.
But its more on a strategic (whole war) level. Im looking for a more tactical game where you command youre groups, which are gathering experience and you can build a “relationship” to and so on.

Thanks for the tip repent, i gonna watch out for these.
Downloading the Demo know.

Heard about Faces of War? http://facesofwargame.uk.ubi.com/

Its a tactical strategy game, with surpring realism for being a RTS game.

Hard, but also very immersive with action filled realistic battles, sound effects are marveble.

Its battle-only though, so no deep relations as you meant.

Still there are a mod I’m playing where you have dynamic campaign with memorizing units and so on.

Have no screenies lol, I always forget to do screens under battle, gets too excited…while I usually have very awful AAR pictures…

Company of Heroes - nuff said :smiley:

i play company of heroes a little classic, but for me its not realistic enough, tank rushes and ranger spamming for teh win. reminds me of command and conquer but with a ww2 backdrop, the graphics and effects are very nice though.

combat mission is ultra realistic, using real armor and weapon values, similar to a turn based game, but instead of you go, i go its WE GO, where the action is calculated then played out in 60 second sequences.
battles in normandy, the russian front and the med.
graphicly its aged but the game mechanics are still the best out there.
its a very deep game, ive been playing it for years now and still finding out new things. playing online is good, either via tcp/ip or via play by email.
its not a very fast paced game, but it will definately get your brain working.
any questions about it paf gimme a shout

In the demo I have two scenarios and a tutorial. Trying to understand how this game is going but its definately interesting and I remember I already tried it once years back but my pc was too slow :smiley:
Can you tell me something about the campaign-mode? Is it dependend on my (un)successes or scripted and how does it feel? Do I keep the same platoons and they gather exoerience …?

at the moment paf, the campaign is very limited, your men dont gain experience at all, each new battle is fought with different men.
but a campaign is defined in a different way, rather, a large battle, lasting days or weeks, if at the end of day one your troops have pushed into a part of stalingrad, then on the beginning of day two they will still be there, same casualties, supplys etc.

but due to be released soon is combat mission:campaigns, check it out on the website, its gonna be the missing piece of the jigsaw.

the battles are very good though, some great scenarios, and there is loads of user built stuff to download.

have you ever played any of the close combat series?? they were very good, recently i reinstalled CC3 with the big red mod, its still ok but it has no online following now, but this game has a great campaign, with a points and experience system that carries over into the next battle.

Thanks for the info,
Yes Close Combat :slight_smile:

I still think Blitzkrieg is the best, though this also is not with diplomacy the battles are very realistic though infantry doesnt play a big role.