WW1EAF Skins single download and installer

Just our skins in asimple installer

[http://eaf92squadron.com/files/WW1EAF Skins.exe](http://eaf92squadron.com/files/WW1EAF Skins.exe)

Installer fixed

My Antivirus wont let me Install?

Disable it then. It’ll be a false positive. :slight_smile:

Agreed, it probably doesn’t like it because it’s an exe straight off the net.

There’s nothing in there apart from the files and a simple script to install the skins

I can’t install it, eve if I turn off antivirus it says the file is corrupted…

re-download it

hey guys, I wanted to know how to edit and add my own skin…what program do I need for that?

Photoshop and the NVidia DDS plugin.

…or ask Splash to do you one :wink:

Splash, could you??? I would be very grateful if you make one for me…