Ciao Ragazzi!

When I say WOW, I don’t mean World Of Warcraft! A big Salute to Cappe, Gin, Jimmi, Nepe and Walty for your performance, or shall I say Out-performance of the Allies in yesterdays DF testing the 4.11 patch.

I recorded some tracks and looked through them last night.

Axis flew FW190 A6 and Bf 109 G6 at the end of the evening, but mostly the FW.

Mutual support was fantastic! There was always a wingman that could help. I noticed you flew each section in trail when attacking and this worked very well for you. You always attacked in strength and made sure you had the advantage in numbers. Very smart!

The only time you lost aircraft were due to collisions. Once with a P47(a little unsure as the planes were far apart, but Mikke lost control and Nepe’s wing broke off). Another was with Hiawatha’s A20.

Cappe became an instant ace this evening and was in the ZONE. Your flying was GREAT! I was shot down twice( perhaps more, but I’m only admitting to twice :rolleyes:). Both times an FW190 #27 flew in close and surgically removed parts from my aircraft. Very cool and calm Cappe.

Cappe doesn’t get all the credit because without the great fighting of his wingmen keeping the pressure on the P51s he could not have bounced his prey.

Allies had a difficult evening. Three P51s against 4 FW to start, but I must say the mutual support was very poor. Also aircraft handling was below standard, with many stalls and spins. This should not happen guys. You are way too experienced for this. Please correct me if these stall/spins were intentional, but it did not look that way. But even if we had controlled our aircraft better we still would have gotten clubbed to death by the FW190 wolfpack.

The aliied ground attack was good, with minor losses(2 to flak and 2 to enemy air), but we did not destroy all the tanks. We wanted to reenforce or fighters when Mikke and Mram left. Not that it helped, lol.

It was great to see 51 fight with such confidence, aggression and teamwork.
I know 331/602 can do better and look forward to more of these squad nights.

On another note.
Nepe and Walty. We need to have a chat, so we can set up some training topics. Not that you need it after last nights performance:)

…Fantastic, i lose one training night and it was one of the wonderful performance of 51’ guys…My presence is…optional!!!:(:eek::eek::eek::roflmao::roflmao:

Good Flight, Ragazzi!!!

Thx Apollo!! it has been a great night, not only for the great number of kills (ended with 430 points, because i’ve been silly and rammed hiaw!!). you’re right, jimmy and me made a very good job together, without him i couldn’t do anything!!! Thx to nepe that was continously asking about our SA, and keeping us concetrated…great night guys, i hope to repeat it soon!!!

Please can you send the tracks Apollo? anyway my number is always 27 :slight_smile:

You know Apollo, that cross trainings among different pilots and way of flying give great results.
That was my (and many others in 51°) dream and it’s becomign reality.
Compliments from a real pilot as you are make us so proud.
Do you remember one of the first meeting where my ass was very hard kicked?
Well, in TS my opinion was like an earthquake and my mates understood the utility not to fly boring coops against AI’s instead of true combat sessions with great pilots.
Even speaking english for many of our is difficult …but after these trainings you can feel skillness growing up under your skin so nothing can stop us in going on.

The last two sessions were amazing and I loved it so much first of all because we carried on fighting like german pilots would do in real air battles of WWII.
I regret not being able to involve our mate EAF51_Voss that would be glad to see us fighting in this way.
RoF strikes back.
Chat when you want!

Thx Apollo

Yes, Im quite happy with yesterday flying. It’s a pleasure to fly with this wingmen.

About the crash with Mikke, it was very strange, I swear I was well behind him but IL2 registered a crash.

The mission setup also made it easier for blue. You had to cover bombers at low alt, and they were always signaled to us by flak. But you are right, I missed moew team work in red side. The only time I saw it was when you came to help Starfire? and filled my 109 with holes (btw, I feel safer in a Fw190),

Let’s keep working like this, still a long way to go.

@Nepe. I think it was lag, since you didn’t look close to him in replay.

@Walty…I will try to upload the tracks to the FTP(Starfire help!!), so you guys can look and smile at your fine teamwork.

Now that we know the map. Let’s fly it again soon…I really liked this map and the limited aircraft…Don’t know if you knew but, we ran out of P51D and had to fly the B model after. We had limited planes. 12 ea I think.

Thanks Apollo, your words sound like a symphony for us.
I was honored to be Nepe’s wingman and I found the task difficult.
Nepe was very aggressive and I struggled to follow his maneuvers.
We dove many times breakneck speed and the separations were important and difficult to regain for me.
We both had one structural crash rolling and shooting with our 190 at high speed.
However I was very focused and followed him even when he felt a Hammerhead, waiting our twin section. :eek:

An hard and amazing training to repeat.

I knew I had forgotten one ace. sorry Gin for not mentioning you earlier, but you know how important your part was for the team. So you were the guy who kept Nepe alive! Good job sir.
I am very happy to hear that you guys like these DF sessions and want to continue with them.
It is very important to identify what we can do better in our flying. You know what you did well. Also try to look at what you did not do well. Also it would benefit the Allied team if you could give some feedback on what we did wrong and how we can improve.

I could not find much wrong with your flying last night. I will look at the tracks and see if I can find anything else. As I said earlier I will try to post the tracks on the FTP server so you can download and study. I know starfire recorded as well so perhaps he can help.

I could not agree with Apollo more, 51 flew really well last night, especialy Cappe who ripped me a new ass:D

I must admit that when I joined, everyone was allready flying so headed to the combat area alone which as we all know is a no no

On that encounter I spotted 2 FW,s climbing up to meet me from about my 5’0’ clock low, as I was in a climbing right hand turn I tightend the turn only for the FW to pk me from below, it was a real good bit of shooting

I think the p51 is a good aircraft to fly but against the FW I was undecided what was the best tactic.

Late on in the last mission I was down low with a 109 g6 while I was in a right hand turn I was surprised that the 109 could not out turn me after about 5 circiuts, the with the help of Apollo he broke off and Apollo got him, that was about the only bit of good teamwork we had:)

S! 51


Gin did an excellent and difficult job. As he said, yesterday was not the best day to be my wingman. I was too focused on keepint the 2nd section (Cappe and Jimmi) in visuals, and looking down for enemy bombers, checking position etc. And even with that job I should have been more aware of Gin, thats something for me to improve.

In our attacks in pair you’re right Apollo, we switch abreast to astern, with a separation enough so the 2nd plane can surprise the victim when he thinks he is safe after the 1st plane pass. Anyway I should have given more instructions to Gin. After the 1st plane attacks, he needs to chandelle to one side or another and check his attacking’s wingman 6. If we agree on the attack exit direction, it is easier for the wingman to rejoin. Checked for improving in next training.

A little late but sometimes i like to reflect a little more before debriefing.

The training was very good and liked it.

Clearly 51 had some advantages flying those fighters sweeps.
We flew in 2 groups trying to stay at different alt but very close.
Based on the mission design and player number we were able to have air superiority in fighter number and so all was easy.

In all i’m really happy because we flew very very well.

Other things.

Lately i flew a lot as element leader and even if I was not much comfortable flying as wingman, I was happy to support Cappe and did my best to complete the task assigned to me. ( Sometime i find useful to force myself to fly in different roles and planes especially those that i don’t like.)
Anyway we had some problems. Flying at different alt was very difficult. Many time due to the difficulties to spot plane on this map the 2 sections were not covering each other.
Also i found myself much more time traveling in trailing position feeling unsafe respect a standard line abrest. Sure we stayed always fast but i count much more on my leader eyes than on my plane speed.

Having fighter superiority i think we could have reached the same goals much more easily flying a spaced finger four instead of using different altitudes. More i think that the 4 ship formation should be our standard formation and we should master it before training other more difficult tactics.

Last notes on the FW.
I followed Redundant for some time at mid alt 2000-3000m and i felt the p51 as faster.
I used manual pitch trying to stay at 2500-2800rpm. Once the plane got speed it stayed very very fast with pitch around 20-30% and almost never overheated…

More i think that the 4 ship formation should be our standard formation and we should master it before training other more difficult tactics.

I fully agree Jimmi. I think we need to master this formation and the many ways to engage from this formation.

Last notes on the FW.
I followed Redundant for some time at mid alt 2000-3000m and i felt the p51 as faster.
I used manual pitch trying to stay at 2500-2800rpm. Once the plane got speed it stayed very very fast with pitch around 20-30% and almost never overheated…

Good info on the FW, Thank you sir.

The P51 is as follows. Once in level flight, you can close the radiator, throttle back to 50-60%, 2400 RPM(I think 60%) and you will have a fast cruise speed, good fuel economy and not overheat. I’m pulling this from memory, so please correct me Starfire, since you taught me how to fly the plane.

Great debrief Jimmi, thanks.

More i think that the 4 ship formation should be our standard formation and we should master it before training other more difficult tactics.
Im guilty about this. Time ago, when we were starting to train team tactics, I thought that flying finger 4 was too difficult, in a time when few knew how to fly in pairs, or even make a tac turn. Flying in 2 separated but supporting pairs made things easier. I suppose I got used to it , and now I need finger4 training myself.

But now you both are right, its time to start flying in finger 4 as default formation.