World of Tanks...

LOL what a laugh ive had with this free DL…

Go on Classic, own up LOL

Anyone else ?


Meh, I’m sceptical about it. I don’t have much free time to dedicate to other games than sims now really, and IIRC WoT needs some dedication to keep up or have most of its possible fun.:frowning:

But sure a private hosted match sounds a bit fun.

Yep, guilty as charged :slight_smile:

I name Zulu as well :smiley:

Nice one EAF19_Dobber =))

So whats your name in tanks then Sporran?

Sporran_EAFGF Classic

Just learning the game though… not of any real use to anyone.

well I must confess to having approx. 2500 battles so can offer tips or answer questions

lol classic, will get there, still learning the basics in my light tank…

Must remember not to go toe to toe with Panzers though, no matter how good my shooting is LOL

Interested in the quickest path to something heavier though… Any tips on that front are more than welcome.


I seem to be taken by the scouting bug … :o

if you and some mates got scout tanks, its hilarious fun to wait till the main forces engage each other, then as a platoon do a base rush and shoot hell out their artillery and then base capture, the enemy heavies see the Base capture bar and start withdrawing to cover home base, usually leading to a map victory for your side.

Another combo that works well ( for all involved ) is using a Scout tank in conjunction with a couple of mates in Stugs or other sufficiently nasty Tank Destroyers. Co-ordination is the key, dont get too far ahead of the stugs, just spot specifically for them. Most adversaries see the Scout as an easy kill, then BANG BANG… stugs take em out while they are dealin with the scout… ( while spotting you get half kill award) if done right, the combo gets MANY kills. Scout to a position ( whilst being covered by the stugs, let them move up into position, scout again )

As to what makes a good scout tank, speed, speed and more speed, ya either got to spot and pass/evade or be small enough to be able to hide well. While the USA M2/M3/M5 Stuart tanks are fast, they have a sucky turn rate, so, for most fun and survivability, the german Luchs( 59kph ), Leopard ( 59KPH ) or PzIIIa ( 64kph ) are what i have found to be most fun, with a little more survivability than the Russian BT series.

The Luchs is probably the better of the three, as it keeps the Tiers relatively low and you occasionally get to be the maps most advanced tank ( at which point, play it as a really really small medium tank ), Leopards get sucked into the most awful High Tier fights, with the PzIIIa giving you a mix of tiers to play in.



Your partial to a scout tank???

So why aren’t you wearing pants on your head, pencils up your nose and repeating the word “wibble” :smiley:

I could not stand the scout tank series, particularly the Leopard and A20, the best thing about the A20 is the T34!

Get the T34 and mount the HV 57mm gun and you have a tank that you are sure to keep and probably bling up a bit as well (optics, vents etc etc) its a real sweet tank that normally gets good matching.

Personally speaking I’m a tank destroyer driver just grinding my way back to the fabled Object 704 mounting the BL10 gun. Pre-wipe Zulu was a Heavy tank driver but after trying my 704 and other sweet TD’s he has converted to the russian TD line.

Playing the Russian TD line takes some patience and practice, they have great mobility and camouflage but pretty poor armour in comparison to the German counterparts. Where the Russian TD line really shines is the top level gun, they all start off with a pretty crappy weapon but research the best and they really start performing well. Just sit back from the fight and enjoy sniping at enemy tanks and inflicting enourmous damage, the guns generally perform much better (pen + dam) than german guns. Another drawback of the Russian TD series is the fact that generally speaking the best gun does not carry to the next tank unlike german TD’s where the gun can generally be carried into the next tank so it can immediately upgrade from the stock weapon.

I’d recomend the following setups for the Russian TD line

SU76 - 57mm gun - Great penetration and really loves chewing up KV’s from a good range. I’ve also set my own PB for a long range kill with this weapon, playing lakeville map I was sat at one end and killed a tank at the other end of the lake, it was a near 700mtr shot achieved because of a scout tank lighting him up for me.

SU85 - 107mm gun - this gun on this tank is god like and easily able to hurt Tigers and KV3’s. Considering the Su85 is a tier 5 tank but the 107mm weapon is a Tier 7 gun whenever your in game you can one shot every tank in the matching under you and with a bit of luck you can even one shot a few tier 5 + 6 tanks. Using this tank/gun pre-wipe I set my personal best of 11 kills in one game, I was last man standing against 6+ tanks and got the lot and then went out and hunted the arty ended for a victory and 11 kills to me, almost all of them were 1 shot kills from 100% When progressing past the Su85 the weapon choice is hard, none of the guns on the Su100 are as good as the 107mm for the Su85.

We should definitely hook up for some games mate, myself and Zulu are able to play all tiers upto tier 6 at the moment, we have both researched our next tanks but are saving credits for purchase. Do you play with a premium account?

In game we are now known as ‘EGF_Classic’ and ‘EGF_Zulu’

Its not underpants, its an elasticated ventilated head cozy.


I am being a bit annoyed at the game now, maps are too small for scouting long term to be fun. Its not a case of locating the enemy, its a case of finding what is coming down one of the three or four paths and i know its a team game, but i am getting heartily sick of being used as ablative Armour by i****s.

Last night ( drivin a luchs, encountered a PzIII, was doing nice damage sniping round corner, then a PzIV decided park up in my safe spot)… one shot kills ya say… hmm… ok…

Off to buy a ruskie TD


Oh well I got WoT installed and barely just lasted 2 mins in my 1st tank battle.
I was driving some little German number… just like the one Lt. Gruber from 'Allo 'Allo used to have when boom!..that was it :stuck_out_tongue:

This is looking like great fun.


S! (would you like to see my little tank?) :smiley: