Wireless Printers

Hi Guys.

Its that time of year when the kids bombard me with “Dad… I need to use the printer for my homework”, usually at the most inconvienient of times.

Not wanting to disappoint or appear to be a thrift, I found this on sale at Sainsburys.


Anyone used/have one of these? … as wireless printing is a new concept for me :o

Regards all


Never used wireless printers myself but another option is to get a printer that can connect directly to the network with a RJ45 network lead, I use one like that and its plugged straight into the router.

I have a wireless printer, well I say I. The Mrs uses it in wireless mode with her netbook while I have it wired to my computer.


Good quality print and scanning, Fax is set up just never used it.

Or do it the way Classic mentions. :slight_smile:


Same setup as Classic here.

Thanks for the replies chaps.

Ive gone and got the printer as I want it to be stand alone… preferably miles from my PC so the kids can use their laptops and print to their hearts content; leaving my PC,monitor,keyboard & printer sticky-fingermarks free. :slight_smile: