Windows problem?

Just found a small glitch when using my keyboard… Some of my keys that i use in conjuction wuth the ‘shift’ key, are printing the wrong symbol on screen. When I try to press the key that is actualy on screen, it shows the original one I was trying to get…
This is not a keyboard issue, as i’ve tried seperate keyboards, and they all do it!
am I missing something?.. or am I just being thick…lol!

Any help guys?

Is it your keyboard language setup, i use a german keyboard so if i change it to english the sybols are different.

As Aceman says - Trooper, check your regional options

In CP, go to Date, Time, Language and Regional Options.
then Language and Regional Options

I presume in your case, you want
Regional Options -> English (United Kingdom)
Languages -> press Detailes… button and make sure you have just one keyboard (presumably UK)
Advanced -> English (United States)*

*I leave US English here, most programs support US English better than UK English

This answer is very UK centric, if you got your keyboard in another country (eg Aceman’s German keyboard) then set-up using that country’s keyboard.

Thanks for the help chaps… its sorted, and I have learned something I wasn’t aware of today. I’ll know to check that setting in future!