Windows limits the amount of RAM a single program can use?

I’ve just re-installed the replacement 1Gig of RAM I had to return following a faulty stick (see my Mayday post nearby). I ran memtest to check if all is well and I get the following message:-

‘Your version of Windows limits the amount of RAM a single program can allocate. You will need to run 2 copies of Memtest and tell each to test 830MB of RAM’

I run to copies and it check the memory OK without throwing up any errors - yet.

My question is about the limit on memory allocation. Is this true? and if so is there a setting I can change to maximise the memory usage?



Which windows version ?
98 wont utilize over 512mb IIRC … but no-one uses that archaic POS now right :wink:

WinXP Pro SP2 all available updates loaded.

Asus A8N-E Mobo
A64 3500+
2GB (4x512) Corsair XMS
Samsung 160GB SATA HDD

I’m wondering if theres a config setting or reg fix within winXP that I need to set. I doubt it though and everything seems fine, its just one of those little ‘things’ that bothers me.


The max for XP in total is 4GB, I thought the limit for any one app was 2GB, maybe I was wrong. There are ways to “force” a higher allocation, but they are not always stable. You shouldn’t need it - 1GB should be enough unless you are in a graphics app working with poster size graphics images. Up to a point, XP will find a good use for extra RAM, even if it doesn’t use it all for your primary app.

XP will utilize well over 1gb no problem, ignore the message.
And ignore memtest in a windows enviroment TBH, download the version compiled in linux (I believe), that auto-extracts to a boot floppy, its the best way to test for memory probs IMO :slight_smile:

'cept I don’t have a floppy drive anymore! They’re soooo yesterdays technology. :smiley:

I’ve also got memtest86, I just need to work out how to get an iso image onto a CD.

Cheers Majik, I’ll just try to forget about the mesage.


Or even better :slight_smile: get a mobo with RAM tests built into BIOS, like some DFI kit. That works. For hours yes it bloody better at these prices :slight_smile: