Windows 10 with CLOD...okay??

Just thinking about going to Windows 10, are there any benefits with CLOD also I have a MS FF stick and CH throttle/Rudder pedals, any probs with those? OR stick with 7 for now?

Stick with what you know mate, be time later to update if you want to


COD works just fine for me on Win10, though my installation is an upgrade from Win7.

Fine for me after the upgrade.
Needed to check Logitech Hotas but now everything is ok.
The game seems smoother…

I saw an improvement after the update to Windows 10. I won’t be going back to 7, that’s for sure.

That’s good news, I did hope it would run better.

I’ve taken an image of the disk, plus you can roll back…okay I’ll give it a go at the weekend.


All good for me too although I’m using Thurstmaster gear I can’t guarantee the MS FF2 or CH Throttle.

DO NOT accept standard setting when installing, make sure you either google or use youtube to find out how MS access all your data and turn EVERYTHING off.

I’d highly recommend using Classic Shell for your start menu, unless you really like the MS tile system.

And, turn Cortarna off, it key logs everything you type to target advertising in Explorer and other apps.

Just sayin…!

Thanks Vortex, that acually got me looking into looking into the privacy settings in win10 and it leaves you very open. It even records your key strokes!

I initially went for an express setup, which opens you wide! Typing in Privacy, then chose the privacy windows settings from the search, I then disabled everything in there. Not only do they setting open you up to stuff, but its eating your bandwidth.

Another really good tool that free and goes further and isn’t mailware, is Spybot Beacon –

this closes even more loopholes that the buggers have opened up.

I’m on a journey here.

God d-mn MS is yet another company that wants to know everything about us.
I’ve just turned off a bunch of crap settings in Win10.
Still not as bad as Facebook on your phone (I totally refuse to use FB messenger), and Google isn’t much better. :barf:

My youngest accidentally updated my PC to Win10.

I briefly tried Clod and it loaded what appeared to be a lot faster. Then I tried a quick fly and nothing apart from the throttle works. Win10 is a POS I think.

Since Win10 update the games are as follows :-

Cliffs- No controls, plane just spirals and nose dives on full left rudder.

RoF- No controls, plane just flies dead straight.

BoS-all controls as they were before the update.