Win XP Validation ?

Just a quick question for the technical minded out there?
OK i put my old C drive in my kids PC but windows is asking for a validation key which i have entered (code on side of tower) but its saying code has been used to many times before and i only have 2 days left???

Any ideas anyone?

New PC on the way but will my old C drive be knackered?


You should be getting a phone number to call when it fails.
Phone them tell them you have upgraded your PC and that windows is refusing to play ball.
They’ll give you an activation number over the phone.

Incidently that is the way to put one copy of XP on many PC’s :slight_smile:

I had that problem when i first got my old pc, i think i unistalled windows about 3 or 4 times and reinstall after buggering it up:D , i used the same code and they said they couldnt do anything about it so i just used the code on my wifes laptop.(maybe the wrong thing to do in some peoples eyes but microsoft were bloody useless in there help)

XP is abandonware so they won’t care yep

Sidewinder stick support withdrawn by MS, two can play at that game

Two or er, more apparently :slight_smile:


Did what you said Brigs but code they gave me was no good and that was all they could do for me so i have to wait for Vista in a day or 2.


When you say you put the C:drive in your daughters PC you meant it was as an extra disc, right. You didn’t try to replace the disc that was in there.

If you swapped the disc (not a good idea, in fact a very bad idea, c:drives are not swappable unless you have identical hardware) you’ll run into problems
If you added it as an extra disc (so it became an E:drive or something similar)…don’t take no as a final word from MS. That should be a good XP install on your daughters PC and all you’ve done is add a disc and you are well within your rights to get MS to sort it out.

Oops :rolleyes: Ehh ummm dohhh ok ok i gonna see if i can fly from my 2nd floor window bye bye cruel world :rolleyes:

I replaced the disk coz my kids are in Paris and i didn’t want to interfere with my daughters drive and also the ribbon only had 1 connection on it and and ohhhhh s h i t — i did it again didn’t i???

Techs not so technically minded :cool:

yep :slight_smile:

Put your daughters drive back in. Get an IDE ribbon with a primary and master connection (£2) and add the drive as an extra. You’ll be able to browse the disk and also run IL2 from it…but don’t swap the drives.

After you do that close the case make sure the screws are very tight and then throw any screwdrivers you have handy into the bin. :slight_smile:

If you need to do anymore PC “stuff” in future. Put your PC in the back of your car. Have a drive around the M25 and let me do it.

Me ! on the M25 :eek: now that is a recipe for disaster

What about PC under the car - into 1st gear then - OVER the PC?

Its OK Brigs i know what i’m doing mate :wink:

Light bulb gone dear? OK i’ll change it - now wheres me power drill???

Techy :cool: