Which cities/Servers should I speed test with?

My housing community just changed ISP, so I am trying to check the difference by testing with OOKLA Speedtest.net .

Which major ISP/ cities should I test against in Sweden, Italy, and…?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Milano in Italy i suggest you

Yeah, for Italy the MIX are Milan and Rome but for best results I suggest Milan cause is the one who’s involved with north Europe traffic.

Umeå, Sweden of course! :smiley:

Just for fun, you can try using http://www.bredbandskollen.se/ as well.

Just tried speedtest from my work computer (at home)

Redid the test against a server in Umeå and got this:

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LoL Mikke, Your connection seems me to have more a webservice provider profile than a home user.
I mean Your upload bandwidth…
Never seen before so much throughput (1Gbps) :joy:
You could host a server with this connection :+1:

From Milan with fiber optic connection at home FTTH

I am unable to find Telecom Italia but,

Milano - Fiber Telecom SPA - 22 ms
Stockholm Telenord AB - 11 ms
Hong Kong - China Mobile Kwai Chung 211 ms

All 100 Mbps Upload and Download on a fiber from my local hub in our housing community.

I hope the latency and bandwidth will not hamper our DCS server and radio communication as well as my gaming needs.

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Yes, bandwith up/down was a bit strange, so I had to rerun it from my private computer, and got a somewhat different result:

Funny you mention server, as some of you might know I have had the europeanaf.org server running from home since 2003 or something, and the forum hosted on it between 2004 and 2011 IIRC.
But we got a new internet provider a little more then a month ago where I live, and while they increased the speeds, they also made it impossible to have a web/mail-server at home. So I ended up having to make the internet connection at my summer house active year round, and moved the server there two weeks ago. So it’s back online, but 150+ km from where I’m currently are.

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Now this is interesting (for me at least, sorry for spamming for the rest of you), made another test on the work computer:

Same connection for both the private PC and the job PC, going through the same router and everything, but clearly my own PC is throttling the upload speed. Download speed might be lower because the line out from our apartment complex is shared between 150 apartments and download is used a lot more than upload? Good enough anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, same line for 150 apartment sound right for Your download speed.
The Upload is something different, apart that normally the “home connection” have asynchronous bandwidht preferring the download speed vs the upload…but what really amazing me is that is not a peak speed (that could occur and that normally autobalancer in the provider’s central cut as soon as they arise) it seems a sustained speed…so…again…strange but good for You.
Apart from hosting (I mean game hosting…) playing with such bandwidth will give You very low latency, so perfect :+1:

My housing community does not have the same restrictions as Mikke. The ISP offer up to 1.000/1.000 Mbps for each member of the housing community. Not shared.
I currently pay for a 100/100 Mbps AND a dedicated external IP.
But I see no reason to pay for more than I use :wink: