What sensitivities + curves is everryone using?

Fired up Il-2BoS to check out the new patch (handling etc) and my new 20cm stick extension

Its been a while since I flew it - but woah! Felt like I was skidding and bouncing all over the shop and stalling out at the drop of a hat…

The new stick is working well in CLoD and in DCS (I can land choppers now - yey me!) - so slightly puzzled why this is the case… (obviously very used to CLoD at the moment so it probably involves re-learning skills).

My stick + rudder axes are currently set to linear (which should give best results for a long throw stick - right?)

What sensitivities, dead zones, filters + curves are other people using in Il-2BoS? (particularly for precision gunnery/bombing?)

wich stick are u using?

Hi Jimmi - its a Warthog with extension.

Wharthog with extension 7,5cm
in Clod i used linear profile but wanted it slightly less reactive while fine aiming and moved to a s curved one (only change is curve valor set to 1)

DCS is linear but few flying hours so far…
BOS same linear

CH fighterstick.

aileron full input - 0.00 (completly linear)
Elevator 90% input - 0.10 (0.10 curve)
Rudder: 70% input - 0.30 (0.30 curve)

The Hurricane is quite sluggish and needs high sensitivity for quick deflection corrections and snapshots. Since the Hurri is not a boom n zoom aerodynamic beast, I don’t need to worry about overreacting with too sensitive input, as the Hurricane will always forgive my movement and never gain any energy in any manoeuvre anyhow. It is more important to get the deflection snap shot right, the only chance you have, than to do clean smooth turns that maintains extra energy.

DCS and BOS - not touched anything as I have not tried to tweak in those sims yet! I don’t know what default setup is, probably full input / linear?

Cheers chaps. Will have a tweak and see what happens. It might be just a case of getting used to BoS after CLoD.