What Joystick for £80 ish ?

Hi guys,
As a former player, I am now considering getting my (very rusty) butt back to a bit of simming with BoS.
Newly upgraded PC should be up to the task (one hopes !) but I find myself without a joystick.
I have been considering the Thrustmaster HOTAS 4 as 1) it can also be used on my PS4, and 2) Looks OK for the money.
But any advice of do/don’t! and/or alternatives will taken on board and mulled over :slight_smile:

The PS4 compatibility isn’t a major consideration, more a bonus, So PC only sticks are fine.

I’d recommend this:
Thrustmaster T.1600 HOTAS
It’s a little over your budget but can be bought in two separate pieces to spread the cost :slight_smile:


Hmm Seems to have mostly positive reviews and be a worthwhile upgrade over the one I was looking at, think I may get one of those, Thanks OD :slight_smile:

One thing I’d check before you buy, is whether it has a twist grip. I’m not sure. In which case you would need pedals to go with it. Sorry, I should have checked before hand.

EDIT: Just checked…it does have twist grip and is PS4 compatible :slight_smile:

Ordered :slight_smile:
I knew it had a twist grip, just unsure if its analogue or digital, also has the paddles on the throttle.
I didn’t know it was PS4 compatible, are you sure ? If so that’s a bonus :cool:

Pretty sure I read it on the Amazon page…I just had a moment of dread this morning that it might be like the Warthog and have no rudder!