What I've done wrong with patches?

I’ve downloaded all the patches required to install with pf+fb+aep starting from v3.00 out of box, I’ve replaced the rts file that solves the disk error. AND after install all the patches in order, I still seeing V3.00 on the starting screen and no changes, I’ve readed the entire page that Hans send me to identify my error (tnx Hans) and didn’t find my case in it. So whats wrong in my case?

And is the second time I install the game completely starting from nothing, and rebooting to prevent buffers and all of that

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Silly suggestion, but did you by any chance install the game in a custom location (like a different drive). The patches are not smart enough to follow the custom install and go by defualt in ‘C:\Programme Files\Ubi\etc’. You have to tell them where to go.

Just an idea?

Uh To be truth, I haven’t checked yet :bootyshk: let me see:D

Exactly as you said, ALL the patches files are in other folder named “programe files” and I have the main folder (and the whole OS) written in spanish :stuck_out_tongue:

Many thanks Joe, I owe you one :wink: