What I miss in DCS

Hi all! today I had the chance to watch a you tube video on a film made with of thunder.

I know it’s arcade flaws but I can’t help enjoyng the overall historical feeling.

I’ll post the video and ask you to watch it’s first 10 minutes. The ones in the english and german airports. Amazing the amount of objects, historical, airplanes etc.

That’s exactly what I miss in dcs, wonder if we could have at least more populated static planes and objects in our airports. they seem mostly empty to me.



I know that feeling and frustration…

If you are willing to spend time in the mission editor, you can have the same, or at least similar, in DCS. But if you go overboard you might make the mission a slide-show at least for those with weaker computers.

I haven’t really flown much in the campaigns that you can buy, but the little I have I think the campaign maker had at least tried to make the world a little less sterile.

But to be honest, I prioritise the flying itself, and the fighting, and while I want those parts to be realistic, I’m less concerned about what is going on at the home field, but that’s me. I don’t mind it being less sterile as long as it doesn’t kill my fps, or stupid things happen (like having AI cars run into me while I’m taxing :grin: ).


I agree with you that the performance is a major problem, none the less, I wouldn’t complain seeing a few static planes in our major airports. They seem gost places to me…