What I have been up to while on extended leave ...

After moving house, it was time to crack on with my first ever scenic project !

What you see here is the nearly finished result of around 4 months work.
I can run up to 6 cars at once, all individually controlled, and changing lanes at the specific track pieces at the press of a button on the controller.
I am using a digital system, which has been upgraded by experts to far beyond what the scalextric system does out of the box, I can have full fuel management with pit stops, cars that run slower when the fuel is at max, getting faster as it burns off. cars slowing right down to a crawl or stop when out of fuel, and then laps will not be counted.
So you can pit and choose either a full refill, or a splash and dash.
Pit lane speed restriction, timing to within 0.001 seconds, computer driven pace cars, or I can record a good lap and have the computer car copy it.
Full user configurable throttle mapping, which can include speed limits for the when the kids are on etc etc !

I like to run without magnets, unfortunatley if you take the magnet out of a Scalextric car, you end up with something very crap ! so most of my cars are other makes, and there is an extensive range of spares to tune and tweak them.

OK enough chat, here are the pics.

The layout plan

I mispelt the Veccia complex, it should be Vecchia :o

In order to create a midset in how the track was modeled, I invented a story of how it came about, but as I have bored you enough already, briefly the land was once part of a railway, the now heliport was a goods loading yard and the back straight was part of the mainline were the steam locomotive “Mallard” obtained its speed record. hence how some of the names came about, but using Italian or German to make some sound more exotic to us Brits :stuck_out_tongue:

Overview in 2 parts

The dirty white building was just a placeholder, since had a makeover which you can see in the video.

Some nice aftermarket race tyres after a workout

Some general shots

The lap display is custom made by an electronics wizz who provides the bare electronics for you to house how you like. Here I have combined it with a modified pit lane/fuel indicator light set and housed it to resemble a large screen display seen at most racetracks nowadays.

And if you are nearly asleep, turn up the volume and watch the Vid ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Great :smiley:
I liek the powerslides in the Haarnadelkurve :banana:

WOW great job…

I like the lake what material had you use?

Woodland Scenics EZ Water … a resin you melt and pour, though not so easy for me … took me 2 attempts to get it right !

ah you like find it in UK, i need to order it form US :mad:




I think I am pretty much done now … o

Homies have invaded, “Old Rex” has been here 1 hour, and he has already caught the lakes biggest fish !

A few are milling around and checking out the merchandise stalls.

I scratch built the burger trailer from plasticard.
Hungry Hank and his wife have unhitched and are on the make already:

Over the other side of the track, they have set up camp and have the BBQ and Music going already.

The boss has arrived in the Helicopter, he and his minder are keeping an eye out.

And a few venture onto the track for some practice.

The Audi and Bentley are painted and decalled with home made decals by me.

Hmmm … it looks like the Duke boys fancied a go, Rosco is in “hot pursuit” as usual !
I modified a different model of the Charger to resemble the “General Lee”, painted by me with a mix of homemade and bought decals.

I knew she would do it :slight_smile:

I did build up another F40 to beat that, but it turns out its a bit of a handful, I managed to make it a bit better with a throttle map, but its still a lot more hair trigger, a fraction too much throttle in the turns and game over :eek:

I think theres more to come from my red F40 yet. :wink:

Blue F40 has to go back to the workshop to see if we can make her more forgiving without losing too much power :stuck_out_tongue: